Voice networks are moving IP, blending rich multimedia around traditional voice services. Many network operators have already implemented IP from the inside out, building efficient IP cores in their network. To leverage the full benefits of IP technology, network operators must also implement IP from the outside in, bringing their PSTN subscribers into the IP core where to provide a richer, seamless user experience. The Ribbon GSX9000 gateway provides a proven, reliable, high-quality bridge between circuit- and packet-based networks.

With its advanced, modular design, the GSX series can grow and adapt as network traffic evolves from TDM-to-IP. Today, the GSX is trusted by service providers of the world’s most advanced voice networks as an IP softswitch, international gateway, secure IP-to-IP peering solution, Gateway MSC, Class 4 and Class 5 trunk replacement, and more. Versatile, reliable, powerful, and scalable, the GSX9000 gateway opens the door to a world of possibilities.

The GSX9000 serves an important role as an enabler for our customer’s implementation of STIR/SHAKEN and Ribbon Call TrustTM. The GSX supports the following capabilities:

  • Relay STIR/SHAKEN information in SIP headers
  • Generation of an authentication or verification requests to the PSX and update of the information in the SIP message per the response from the PSX.
  • Flexible handling of error conditions if signature verification fails

In addition, GSX CDRs can be ingested by Ribbon Analytics to assist in determining potential robocall or fraud call attempts.

Feature and Benefits of the GSX9000 Gateway

  • Open, standards-based architecture supporting third-party solutions and integrating seamlessly with backoffice billing and accounting applications
  • High-availability (99.999%): redundant components, live software upgrades and automatic protection switching
  • Advanced digital signal processing for toll-quality voice: echo cancellation, low transit delays, voice compression, adaptive jitter buffers, silence suppression, etc.
  • Robust transcoding of media and signaling interworking: TDM, IP, FAX , G.711, AMR-WB, AMR, G.722,EVRC, EVRC/B , SIP, SIP-I and more

DataStream Integrator (DSI)

DataStream Integrator (DSI) provides the collection and management of call detail records, from Ribbon SBCs, GSX9000, as well as third-party gateways, so you have the information you need for to manage and optimize your trunking services.

DSI delivers rich insight for routing, billing, service quality analysis, and performance/capacity management. With the ability to customize the DSI feed to your specific BSS/OSS solutions, you get the ability to make better informed decisions and increase the efficiency of your network operations.

Features and Benefits of DataStream Integrator

  • DSI supports almost any data transformation requirement, as well as data stream management (correlation/merge/separation) as required by a customer
  • DSI supports multiple industry protocols for data exchange with BSS/OSS solutions
  • Data distribution can be customized, including simultaneous transmission of specific CDRs to multiple destinations
  • Intelligent data modeling and mediation (mapping rules) with XML facilitates the rapid deployment of a run-time ready DSI
  • DSI runs in multiple virtual environments fitting into a service providers virtualization/cloud deployment strategy

Insight Element Management System (EMS)

Ribbon's Insight Element Management System (EMS) provides centralized, efficient management of all the elements in a customer's network previously associated with Ribbon. Insight EMS provides a complete FCAPS (Fault, Configuration, Accounting, Performance, and Security) solution with a robust portfolio of management and provisioning tools. Insight EMS offers a mature, feature-rich management system providing a simple-to-use, graphical user interface and accelerated provisioning and management processes.

Insight EMS can be deployed as a standalone system, in a high-availability configuration for maximum system uptime, or in a geographic redundant configuration for site disaster recovery