GSX 9000

Voice networks are moving IP, blending rich multimedia around traditional voice services. Many network operators have already implemented IP from the inside out, building efficient IP cores in their network. To leverage the full benefits of IP technology, network operators must also implement IP from the outside in, bringing their PSTN subscribers into the IP core where to provide a richer, seamless user experience. The Ribbon GSX9000 gateway provides a proven, reliable, high-quality bridge between circuit- and packet-based networks. 

With its advanced, modular design, the GSX series can grow and adapt as network traffic evolves from TDM-to-IP. Today, the GSX is trusted by service providers of the world’s most advanced voice networks as an IP softswitch, international gateway, secure IP-to-IP peering solution, Gateway MSC, Class 4 and Class 5 trunk replacement, and more. Versatile, reliable, powerful, and scalable, the GSX9000 gateway opens the door to a world of possibilities.