Ribbon Cloud-Native IMS

Service providers are embracing the shift toward 5G. However, ensuring reliable voice services presents a major challenge in this transition. Enter Ribbon Cloud-Native IMS — a swift, cost-effective, drop-in solution that avoids vendor lock-in and supports multiple generations of voice services with a single investment.

Seamlessly integrating with legacy equipment while paving the way for future technologies and services, Ribbon Cloud-Native IMS ensures uninterrupted voice and multimedia services in 4G and 5G. It supports VoLTE, VoBB, VoWiFi, and VoNR, delivering a modern, secure, and unified communications experience. Its microservices-based architecture delivers dynamic autoscaling and supports multi-tenant deployments, providing unmatched scalability, agility, and security.

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Supports Microservices-Based Container Architecture and Multi-Tenant Environments

With Highly Automated Workflows for Rapid Service Deployment

Ribbon Cloud-Native IMS delivers unrivaled resource efficiency and performance. It effortlessly accommodates new services and applications and empowers service providers to quickly respond to changing market demands, enabling rapid service deployment and automation.

Deployable as containers in Kubernetes or across private, public, and hybrid clouds, Ribbon's Cloud-Native IMS supports microservices-based architecture and multi-tenant deployments. This enables individual services to be updated without the need for large-scale system overhauls. It also simplifies the process of migrating services between environments, avoiding vendor lock-in and associated costs, while delivering unmatched scalability, agility, and security.

IMS is critical for ensuring reliable voice services between 4G and 5G networks.

Service providers without IMS experience:


Inability to support 5G voice roaming


Increased dropped calls and coverage gaps


Increased Subscriber Turnover


Non- compliance with E911 & 112

Multi-Generation Voice Services with a Single IMS Core

Empower Today's Networks and Tomorrow's Fully Automated Cloud Environments

Ribbon Cloud-Native IMS ensures uninterrupted voice and multimedia service delivery across generations of networks. Our innovative "drop-in IMS core" quickly tackles compatibility issues between devices and multi-generation networks. It supports Voice over LTE (VoLTE), Voice over Broadband (VoBB), Voice over WiFi (VoWiFi), and Voice over New Radio (VoNR) – all with a single IMS core. This ensures uninterrupted and enhanced communication experiences for all subscribers.

With robust interoperability and advanced features meticulously designed to future-proof your network, our Cloud-IMS solution empowers service providers to elevate connectivity standards and uphold superior quality of service across their networks. Experience the next level of network reliability and performance with Ribbon's Cloud-Native IMS.

Enterprise Scale Real-Time Communications Analytics

Enterprise Scale Real-Time Communications Analytics


  • Stay ahead of outages
  • Fix issues faster
  • Gain immediate ROI
  • Manage growing networks
  • Identify Security Threats
  • Justify upgrades
  • Report on SLAs

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Single IMS Investment that Spans Generations

Reduce Your Network Footprint, Streamline Operations, and Lower Your Total Cost of Ownership

Elevate your network efficiency and savings with Ribbon Cloud-Native IMS. A cost-effective investment that spans generations, Ribbon's IMS solution easily integrates with legacy equipment while future-proofing your network infrastructure, supporting VoLTE, VoBB, VoWiFi, and VoNR. Say goodbye to multiple investments and hello to streamlined operations for unparalleled value and scalability.