Analog phones or devices, because of their location, wiring, or site cable plant, cannot be cost-effectively migrated to voice-over IP. The math gets even worse when multiple small or medium-sized analog gateways need to be deployed in remote wiring closets that were never designed for racks of electronics. Often, organizations just leave analog ports on their old PBX because it appears to be less expensive than incorporating them into a UC rollout.

The G5 Line Access Gateway provides the industry's highest density analog line support, with support for 768 pots lines per chassis. The G5 converts analog to industry-standard SIP so it can seamlessly connect analog lines to Ribbon’s C20 Call Session Controller, Application Server (AS), CS2100, or 3rd party PBXs. It can also dramatically simplify a cloud UC (UCaaS) migration as it integrates with almost any cloud service that supports SIP endpoints.

A single G5 shelf supports up to 768 analog lines and 2,304 subscribers per 3-chassis frame. Even large data centers of 20,000 lines, requiring over 5,000 square feet of floor space, can be reduced to a few simple frames of space. The G5 also supports long loop lengths of tens of thousands of feet so it can be centrally deployed in campus environments. For many organizations, the G5 can finally make migrating to an IP-based or cloud-based solution cost-effective.

Department of Defense customers can also leverage the G5 as part of Ribbon's JITC certified solution.

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