The Ribbon Application Management Platform (RAMP) streamlines network management of Ribbon’s suite of products in a customer’s network with a centralized, cloud-native solution. RAMP enables both enterprises and service providers to expedite system configuration, identify and remediate issues, all while reducing operational costs.

Built on a microservices architecture, RAMP offers robust API support ensuring seamless integration and interaction with your existing systems. It provides the flexibility to quickly add features and functionality, is scalable to meet the management needs of any size of enterprise or service provider. Optimize your management costs, enhance operational efficiency and transition to automated upgrades with RAMP.

RAMP Solution Brief

Your Management Platform for Ribbon’s Portfolio

RAMP is much more than an Element Manager!


Deployment Agnostic

RAMP is deployable in multiple virtual & container (VMware, KVM, OpenStack, OpenShift) environments as well as both private and public (Azure & AWS) cloud environments.


Seamless Management

RAMP delivers a comprehensive and common user experience, such as the managing core and edge session border controllers along with centralized routing from the PSX.


Single pane of glass

RAMP can potentially manage hundreds or thousands of devices with its streamlined and customizable graphical user interface.



With RAMP, you have an integrated management solution that is API first, delivering meaningful actionable data, and container orchestrated.



RAMP is deployable in standalone or high-availability configurations, including options for geographic redundancy.

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With RAMP, service providers and enterprises can quickly configure systems, identify and remediate issues, deliver improved customer experience, and do so at reduced operational costs

Delivers a Comprehensive & Common User Experience

Reduce complexity and cost of managing multiple siloed platforms with RAMP


Simplified Licensing

Support device licensing for network wide domain license


Operational Efficiency

Single pane of glass for Ribbon devices


Cloud Native

Leverages microservice architecture


Application Platform For Future

Add new applications outside major release cycles


Flexible Deployments

Supports diverse devices in multiple environments


Ease Northbound Integration

REST API focus for consolidated interfaces

Gain insights, Troubleshoot and Automate Management

RAMP integrates across Ribbon Analytics and Automation

By combining RAMP with Ribbon Analytics, you can gain insights with observability.

RAMP Fault Management Module integrates with Analytics Most Probable Cause to help with troubleshooting.

RAMP Performance Management Module integrates with Analytics Planner to forecast network growth.

RAMP enables automated software testing and deployment.

RAMP Datasheet