Product Life Cycle Policy

The following policy applies to Ribbon's SBCs (EdgeMarc, SBC Core, Q-Series, SWe, SWe-lite, 1K/2K/5K/7K), Gateways (G5, G6, G9, GSX, MRFP), Application Platforms (AS, CIM, IMM), Call Controllers (C3, C15, C20/CS2K, T7000), Management Platforms (GV Assurance, GV Billing, EdgeView SCC, Insight EMS, GV Manager, OneEMS, GVPP, Protect, DSI), Policy & Routing Application (PSX), VNF Manager, Signaling Platforms (DSC 8000, DSC SWe, STP) and Mobility Solutions (Mobile Client, Virtual Mobile Core).

Ribbon Hardware Product Life Cycle Miles
Ribbon Software Product Life Cycle Milestones

General Availability

General Availability, or "GA", means the time period for which designated Ribbon Products, Services, and Maintenance are available for purchase by customers for normal use in the ordinary course of business.

General Availability does not apply to third party products which Ribbon is reselling unless explicitly announced by Ribbon.

General Availability does not mean approval for use in all countries or jurisdictions, nor does it mean a broad authorization to export without a proper license.

GA status ends on the End of Product Sale Date.

End of Product Sale

End of Product Sale means the date that Ribbon designates a Product or Service as no longer being Generally Available for sale in the ordinary course of business.  After that date, the Product or Service is no longer considered GA.

Services and Maintenance for a designated End of Product Sale item may still be available for ordering for a period of time. The levels of Services and Maintenance may differ from the ones offered during the General Availability period.

End of Product Sale Notification

Ribbon publishes an End of Product Sale (EOPS) notification to announce a Product's upcoming transition away from the General Availability milestone

The EOPS bulletin are typically published 12 months ahead of the date at which a Product will no longer be Generally Available

The EOPS bulletin generally includes the following information:

  • End of Product Sale (EOPS) Notification Date
  • End of Product Availability
  • End of Product Delivery
  • End of Product Support Date (optional)
  • Affected EOPS product codes
  • Replacement product codes (if applicable)
  • Recommended migration options

End of Product Availability

Ribbon will take new orders throughout the End of Product Availability date. Typically, Ribbon will provide at least six (6) months between the End of Product Sale Notification and the designated End of Product Availability date to allow customer to place orders.

End of Product Delivery

Ribbon will typically ship Product in the 12 months following the End of Product Sale Notification.

Last Supported Software Release

Ribbon may decide to no longer qualify new Software Releases on End of Support Hardware Products. Ribbon will announce that a Software Release is the Last Supported Software Release on a specific platform; typically, this would happen two (2) years before End of Support for that Hardware Product.

End of Support

End of Support means that Services and Maintenance for a specific Product, Software Release or feature are no longer available for purchase. The effective date upon which a Product is first classified as being at End of Support shall also be referred to as End of Support.