It's easy to talk about transforming business communications but for many large organizations, that transition is not easy. Large organizations often struggle to find viable alternatives to their legacy PBXs deployed across multiple sites. Most enterprise solutions don't have the scale required to create a centralized solution and some lack the traditional features users expect and need. Instead of making users more productive, the potential benefits of new technology are squandered trying to manage the transition.

Ribbon is different. The Ribbon Application Server (AS) has a carrier heritage so its proven to scale and has the carrier-grade reliability required for a centralized solution. Ribbon's Nortel heritage assures a robust set of traditional features so users IT departments don't waste all their time on transition efforts. Ribbon innovation assures the latest communications and collaboration services including the latest WebRTC services.

Proven Performance

The Ribbon Application Server is one of the world's most widely-deployed UC solutions with over 27 million seats sold. This includes multiple enterprise deployments that exceed 50,000 seats. Universities, healthcare providers, financial services and government agencies (including secure Dept. of Defense deployments that require JITC certification) all depend on the Application Server for mission-critical environments. It is a key enabler of multiple Ribbon's solutions including Smart Office Clients, SIP Trunking.

Nortel Phone System Replacement

The Application Server’s Nortel heritage offers organizations an opportunity to extend the value of their Nortel investments. The solution’s scale makes it ideal for large, multi-site environments and its support for industry standard SIP phones and compelling UC clients assure that enterprises will never have to purchase proprietary phones again. Benefits include:

  • Nortel investment protection
  • Incredible scale to easily unify multi-site deployments
  • Modern UC services and mobility
  • SIP endpoint support assures no proprietary lock-ins
  • Completion of rigorous JITC testing assures end-to-end security for government agencies and departments

Secure Government Deployments - JITC Certified

The Application Server has completed rigorous JITC certification testing. It is certified as both an Enterprise Session Controller (ESC) and Local Session Controller (LSC). The AS' scale and standards-based architecture are unmatched by competitors. It also works in concert with Ribbon's JITC Certified Session Border Controllers and G5 Analog Gateway Learn more by visiting the JITC Certified solution page or visit our dedicated webpage.

Upgrade your Legacy Phone System

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