Apollo programmable and open optical networks satisfy ever growing demands for bandwidth while providing network operators with future-proof solutions tailored to their individual business needs.

Built for choice, Apollo provides high-performance optical links filling up channels to their theoretical limits, as well as cost-power optimized links. All solutions use scalable pay-as-you-grow pluggable interfaces. SDN-controlled ROADMs and OTN switches dynamically route links and the services they carry from the access to the core.

Apollo is easy to deploy and to manage, and open interfaces enable Apollo to participate in multi-vendor environments.

Apollo Family Brochure

Apollo Optical Products

Create optical networking solutions by selecting from a broad set of modular interoperable capabilities



Apollo 9400 Series

High Density Optical Networking


Apollo 9600 Series

Tailorable Optical Networking


Apollo 9900 Series

Access-to-Core OTN Switching

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5nm-140Gbaud Wavelengths

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Apollo Alien Wavelengths

Field-proven coherent alien wavelengths solutions over third-party optical line systems (OLS)


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140Gbaud Submarine Transport

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Optical and Fiber Health Monitoring

Apollo provides unprecedented insight into the network’s optical health at all times.

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