The Ribbon SS7/STP & Diameter Signaling solution protects your investments by combining Signaling Transfer Point (STP) and Diameter Signaling Controller (DSC) functionalities on the same signaling routing platform.

This delivers a simple yet elegant solution to address the dilemma of supporting legacy SS7 networks while migrating to LTE/EPC/Diameter networks. Selecting the Ribbon SS7 & Diameter Signaling solution will protect your capital investments, ease your transition to next-generation networks, reduce operational disruption, and support your SS7 network for as long as required.

Signal Transfer Point

Today’s networks are expanding exponentially to address the increase in traffic due to mobile services, network convergence, and new applications. Despite the recent introduction of technologies such as Diameter signaling, service providers will need to maintain heterogeneous networks for many years.

Diameter Signaling Controller

Subscriber demand for bandwidth-hungry apps has accelerated the use of mobile services and data on mobile network. Diameter signaling—which acts as the central nervous system of IMS and LTE networks in controlling voice and data sessions and supporting traffic policies—is exploding in volume and complexity. Ribbon's DSC (Diameter Signaling Controller) assists service providers in addressing the explosion of Diameter signaling volume within the IMS and LTE core; and ensuring security, routing, and interworking for Diameter message exchanges within and across IMS and LTE networks for roaming purposes.

Ribbon Signaling Products


DSC 8000

The Diameter Signaling Controller 8000 delivers high-performance processing and high-speed, IP-based fabric switching.



The Diameter Signaling Controller Software Edition migrates your signaling network functions into a cloud environment.


Signal Transfer Point

The STP can be configured to provide essential SS7 functionality for core, edge and interconnect deployments.

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