Apollo programmable and open optical networks satisfy the economy’s insatiable appetite for bandwidth while providing network operators with future-proof solutions tailored to their individual business needs.

Built for flexibility, Apollo provides both high-performance links to 1.2T, filling up fiber channels to their theoretical limits, as well as 400G ZR+ power-cost optimized links for pay-as-you-grow networks. SDN-controlled ROADM and OTN switching modules provide unlimited configurations to route links and the services they carry dynamically from the access to the core.

Above all Apollo is easy to deploy and to manage, and open control interfaces enable Apollo to participate in disaggregated, multivendor environments.
Optical Networking 400G


Programmable Open Optical Networks

Apollo Optical Transport & Switching Family

Apollo 9400 Series

High Capacity Applications


Apollo OT9408

  • Performance-optimized: 140Gbaud DSP delivering 1.2T DCI, 800G extended metro, unlimited LH 400G
  • Cost-optimized: Ultra-dense metro 400G ZR+

Apollo OT9408 Datasheet

9600 Series

Low Power Flexible OTN/DWDM Transport


  9504D 9603 9608 9608D 9624
Size 1RU 2RU 5RU 5RU 15RU
Line Capacity 1.6T 2.4T 6.4T 6.4T 19.2T
Photonics   CDC-F ROADMs, Fixed and Dynamic Amplifiers
Datasheet Apollo 9504D Apollo 9603 Apollo 9608 Apollo 9608D Apollo 9624
Image Data Center
Apollo 9603 Apollo 9608 Data Center

9900 Series

Scalable OTN Switching

  9901x 9904X 9914 9932
Switching Capacity 400G 2.8T 5.6T
Scaled for 14T
Scaled for 32T
Datasheet Apollo 9901X Apollo 9904X Apollo 9914 Apollo 9932

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