Enterprise Solutions

Ribbon offers enterprises solutions to connect, integrate, secure, and manage high performance networks, enabling real-time communications and other mission critical applications. Ribbon products and solutions can be deployed in your own network, in a private cloud or public cloud.

Ribbon offers organizations a greater security, performance and scalability then our competition. Our heritage supporting communication service providers affords us a different perspective on network availability and performance. Perhaps that is why we focus on offering solutions designed for mission critical deployments, because we understand that access to real-time communications and applications is not just empowering, it is vitally important.

Our customers depend on Ribbon products and Ribbon people to deliver seamless integration with their existing purchases. That’s why Ribbon embraces open standards without sacrificing functionality or reliability.

Enterprise Solutions Overview

Securing Real-Time Communications

IP and Optical Network Solutions


Data Center Interconnect

Whether an organization needs data center interconnect backbone, a network to access private or public cloud services, or SAN connectivity, Ribbon’s ElastiCLOUD is the solution. Ribbon delivers guaranteed performance, secured services, and minimized OPEX from a holistic solution


Defense and Homeland Security

Defense agencies have transformed the front line into a connected digital arsenal with sensors, smart ammunition, and integrated battle plans. Ribbon delivers the intelligent optical networks, with agile IP transport, to provide the real-time data required to facilitate this new kind of digital battlefield



Utilities are laser focused on improving efficiency, reducing emissions, increasing security, and expanding their business opportunities. Ribbon has decades of experience helping utilities protect and modernize their IT and OT environments, including expanding into UTelco services


Transportation Providers

Effectively managing airports, rail systems and highways is both an economic and strategic defense imperative. Ribbon delivers networks that connect sensors, traffic management tools and underlying control systems; with the 24/7 redundancy and protection systems required to support availability


Research & Education

Ribbon offers a versatile portfolio of network transport, control, and applications platforms for high-bandwidth networking. These are critical to research and education environments, enabling ultra-fast computing collaboration, classroom teleconferencing, and special links with virtually zero latency

Cloud and Edge Solutions