Large enterprises with SL-100 or CS2100 deployments can seamlessly upgrade to the latest UC services, without having to replace TDM or analog phones and legacy cabling infrastructure. Migrating to a Virtual C20 can save organizations millions of dollars by extending the life of these devices and their infrastructure. Ribbon's C20 provides carrier-grade scale and reliability that large enterprises have come to expect from their SL-100 or CS 2100 platform. That's no surprise as the C20 is an evolution of the Nortel carrier platforms that served as the basis for the SL-100 or CS 2100. That also means that administration and feature functionality will be familiar to telecom staff and end-users. No expensive re-training is required.

Lowering the Cost of Ownership - Virtual C20

Traditionally, enterprises had to acquire C20's proprietary chassis-based hardware to deliver the resiliency and scale they required. Not anymore. C20 is virtualized and can now be deployed on commercial computing platforms. This dramatically reduces footprint and costs. It also simplifies future platform migrations. Of course, a Virtual C20 retains the resiliency, scale, and features customers demand, reducing migration costs and minimizing staff retraining costs.

Analog and TDM Endpoint Migration - G5 and G6 Gateways

Migrating to IP has many advantages but it can also create very real barriers. Organizations with thousands of analog devices (e.g. hospitals, universities, manufacturing, etc) may not want to replace these devices with IP endpoints nor the miles of legacy cabling that connect them. It's hard to justify spending millions to replace endpoints and cabling that is meeting users' needs. The same can be said of legacy TDM-based business phones, especially in environments where replacing cabling is not cost-effective. Ribbon's G5 and G6 gateways can seamlessly extend the life of these devices and cabling. Even with legacy devices users will get access to next-generation services and features.

Moving Forward - SIP, Unified Communications, and WebRTC

Migrating to C20 isn't just about preserving legacy assets, it's really about delivering modern communication services. C20 works in concert with Ribbon's Application Server and WebRTC gateway to deliver access to the latest SIP-based phones and UC clients.

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