Helping utilities monetize their communications network assets

Utilities are increasingly looking to leverage extra value from their market presence and communications network assets through business models ranging from simple co-location of devices to Carrier-of-Carrier services and the more complex, but highly profitable wholesale voice, video, internet, mobile services. Ribbon has the solutions to help utilities transform into Utelcos, allowing them to grow and diversify their revenue mix while supporting the development of their local communities.

Monetize Your Assets Without Growing Your Staff

  • We have the experience and expertise With hundreds of Critical Infrastructure customers worldwide, many of whom are evolving into Utelco’s, we are a proven, trusted partner for network transformation.
  • Tailored Security We provide multilayer encryption to ensure secure service delivery and multi-layer, multi-domain, end-to-end security over the entire product life-cycle, with compliance to strict industry standards and recommendations, Common Criteria, ISO 27000, NERC-CIP.
  • Support of legacy services Proven technology and processes for migrating TDM services from SONET to the packet-switched network (PSN)
  • Neutral Host Making your network multitenant, allowing the delivery of wholesale services with guaranteed performance to other service providers
Are You Ready to Go (Cloud) Native?
  • Communications network for the Utility Network IP/MPLS is provided for the IT services, deterministic IP for mission-critical OT, such as SCADA and teleprotection, with unique solutions for IT/OT convergence including a state-of-art voice platform with advanced analytics and security for the IT domain. Supports backhaul of data from mass rollout of CCTV and narrowband IoT devices using LoRa, NB-IoT, 5G.
  • Wholesale Services for Other Utilities Providing a separation of network communication services such as IT/OT or commercial/internal traffic with deterministic, guaranteed performance and guaranteed network separation for utilities.
  • Delivering Rural Broadband Single platform providing backhaul for 5G, FTTx and FWA deployments providing DIA, Direct internet services and support for FTTP through advanced PON services
  • 5G Backhaul 5G xHaul transport provides the capacity, low latency, reliability and mass IoT needed for advanced 5G services
  • Unified Communications VoIP with analytics and security in mind. Integration with MS Teams and Zoom. State-of-art Session Border Controllers for protection of voice domain services and applications, such as video conferencing, call-centre’s, help-desks and any corporate, IT, department.
  • Automation removes the pain Multi-layer network visualization provides Optical and IP layers under a single pane of glass. With advanced tools providing automation across the full lifecycle with capabilities, such as planning, provisioning, alarm management, fiber health management, and performance monitoring you can monetize your assets without increasing your staff.