The future of communications in modern business world is here. Network Operations and Voice Security are at the center of your business challenges. Small, medium and large enterprises need data-driven analytics tools with a user-friendly interface to analyze data in real-time and deliver actionable insights.

Ribbon Analytics provides a new level of operational and security solutions for communications infrastructure and services. Leveraging machine learning, Ribbon Analytics provides end-to-end visibility and advanced insights for network operations, service assurance, network-wide troubleshooting, alerts, and voice threat prevention. Ribbon Analytics is easy to deploy on both cloud and on-premise environments.

Analytics & Voice Security Products



Leverage ML to deliver visibility, troubleshooting, productivity, and reduce risks to service provider's network.



Detect many types of fraudulent activity and malicious attacks leveraging Ribbon's behavioral analytics and ML.


Voice Threat Prevention

Apply ML techniques to protect your voice network and services from the many different types of security threats

Powerful Visualization, Analyzing, Troubleshooting, and Threat Prevention

Businesses need powerful, flexible, and easy-to-use analytics tools to visualize and monitor network performance.

With Ribbon Analytics in your network, you will be able to monitor the network for KPIs and key trends as well as secure, troubleshoot, and alert on QoE issues. This provides many benefits such as end-to-end network visibility, improved operational productivity and efficiency, faster troubleshooting, service issue identification and resolution, and security.

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Operations Analytics


Operational Efficiency

Increasing Network Visibility

Avoiding Service Disruption

ML-Based Network Planning, Troubleshooting & Management

Improving Customer Experience


Summarize network or service analysis

KPIs to understand network behavior

Correlation of collected data points

Rules & incident detection

Visibility into network performance and quality issues to pinpoint abnormalities

Alerts and policies

Based on trigger settings

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Visibility, Assurance and Analytics for Microsoft Teams

  • Transforming Raw KPIs into Actionable Insights

  • Visualizing RTC Service Quality Characteristics

  • Detecting Potential Issues Before They Impact End-Users

MS teams Visibiliity

Gain end-to-end visibility and Intelligence into your communications networks, devices, and users

Proactively Manage Your Team's Experience

Security Analytics For Voice Threat Prevention



Evolving Network Attacks & Threats


Reduce Attack Surfaces, Detection & Mitigation


Avoid Lost Customer Trust

Improving Customer Experience

Behavioral analytics has made a noticeable impact in the overall security threat detection community. However, the Unified Communications (UC) and Contact Center (CC) community is still largely underserved regarding behavioral analytics and threat detection. With the variety and inherent complexities of SIP and VoIP protocols, UC/CC environments will benefit greatly from the added value of behavioral analytics and threat detection to identify and  prevent many types of fraud or theft.

Yet, even with behavioral analytics and anomaly detection, assuring the integrity of UC/CC services usually means an enterprise IT team will need both visibility and control over a variety of disparate products. Unfortunately, these disparate products will rarely, if ever, interact with each other for security purposes. Ribbon solves the security isolation issue by taking a unique integrated approach that collects data from multi-vendor network elements and analyzes this data for anomalies that would indicate voice threats.

Identification of potential attacks on an enterprise's UC/CC network or services and the bad actors initiating these attacks is forwarded to Ribbon's cloud-hosted Reputation Scoring service that determines, in real-time, if a given SIP session is likely malicious and what is the ideal policy to mitigate the specific threat.  Policy decisions drive real-time policy enforcement across various security domains, in real-time before a threat disrupts business or causes loss of confidential data or finacial loss. Significant reduction of the overall threat landscape is possible with a voice threat prevention

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Security, Network Visibility and Big Data Analytics Solutions

Enterprise Scale Real-Time Communications Analytics

Enterprise Scale Real-Time Communications Analytics


  • Stay ahead of outages
  • Fix issues faster
  • Gain immediate ROI
  • Manage growing networks
  • Identify Security Threats
  • Justify upgrades
  • Report on SLAs

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