Today, approximately 40,000 TDM switches are still in operation globally, many beyond their designed lives. These aging systems pose serious customer outage, and financial risk to operators and they are not capable of providing new, advanced IP services nor are they linked to mobile and broadband. Ribbon’s innovative G5 Line Access Gateway resolves these switch risks and enables revenue growth by linking TDM customers to mobile, broadband, and SIP-based and IMS services. Operators can connect lines on G5 gateways to Ribbon’s C20 Call Controller or other IMS-based call control, enabling a graceful shutdown of the switch.

A single G5 shelf supports up to 768 TDM lines and 2,304 subscribers per 3-chassis frame. Even large offices of 20,000 lines requiring over 5,000 square feet of floor space can be reduced to a few simple frames of space. The line card drives full loop lengths (1,930 ohms) with carrier-class availability and resilience including ESA and can be deployed in a Central Office frame line-up or in a temperature-hardened outside plant cabinet.

Line Gateway Benefits

  • Links end customers served by legacy lines to the revenue-generating SIP services cloud, IMS, and mobility
  • Replaces TDM switch line frames while leveraging existing copper facilities
  • Economical alternative to expensive FTTx upgrades
  • Combined with G9 or G6 gateways, enables full TDM switch line and trunk replacement
  • Connects to Call Session Controllers like Ribbon's C20 and other IMS-based controllers
  • Preserves premises-based analog loops in the enterprise while enabling a new IP-centric services environment 
  • Carrier grade, high-density analog line termination supports long loop lengths and ESA
  • Substantially reduces power, floor space, and maintenance costs

The Time is Coming!

TDM and SONET networks are at the end of life.  The technicians are retiring, the equipment is aging, and the spares are sparse. Will your network be ready?


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