Ribbon delivers innovative, value-added sustainable, real-time communications solutions for service providers and enterprises worldwide. We have a standing operational goal to conserve natural resources and to minimize any negative impact that our activities, products and services may have on the global and local environment.

As a responsible company, Ribbon recognizes our accountability for the effects of our business on climate change and the environment. We work to advance opportunities to lessen our environmental footprint through innovation and efficient operations across our value chain.

Ribbon is committed to

  • Complying with applicable environmental legislation and regulations in parts of the world in which we operate.
  • Fostering a culture of environmental responsibility and encouraging sustainable decision-making.
  • Protecting the environment and preventing pollution throughout the lifecycle of our products.
  • Engaging with our key suppliers and customers to drive sustainable practices throughout our supply chain and encouraging continual improvement.

Ribbon takes appropriate measures to meet the following objectives and targets:

  • Designing products with sustainability in mind, including source materials, energy efficiency in the use phase, longevity, interoperability and recyclability.
  • Minimizing, reducing and recycling waste materials with an ambition to achieve zero waste to landfill.
  • Expanding our use of renewable energy and conserving natural resources within our operations.
  • Monitoring and disclosing our externally verified carbon footprint in our annual Sustainability Report.

Our Sustainability report is available at: https://rbbn.com/company/sustainability-report. Please contact sustainability@rbbn.com for more information on the Ribbon Global EMS.

Our Environmental Policy is included in our Welcome Packs for all new employees and is posted within our facilities to ensure employee awareness.