The Ribbon Analytics portfolio consists of Operations, Security and Monetization applications that deliver numerous use cases for services assurance, security and subscriber growth. With our big data analytics platform and hundreds of out of the box use cases we can provide detailed insights into your network, service traffic and customer behavior.

Ribbon’s analytics applications suite gives you the tools to detect potential threats, to mitigate and protect against future threats, to turn key performance indicators (KPIs) into actionable information, and to monetize subscriber behavior and traffic patterns.

Enabling these applications is Ribbon Protect, a big data analytics platform that establishes a well-defined baseline of what is categorized as “normal” application and network traffic. Deviations from this baseline can be quickly identified and used to mitigate a variety of malicious attacks by disseminating security policies across the network topology.

Data Analytics by Ribbon

Ribbon Data Analytics - Monetize Your Network