Session Border Controllers for Enterprises

Ribbon Communications' family of next-generation session border controllers (SBCs) provide robust security, simplified interoperability, advanced session management, and carrier-grade reliability for fixed, mobile, cable and interconnect/wholesale service providers, as well as enterprises of all types and sizes. Ribbon's SBCs offer powerful deployment flexibility that enables high levels of security and service quality for applications such as SIP Trunking, Unified Communications, VoLTE, VoWi-Fi, RCS, and OTT. Coupled with industry leading scalability, Ribbon's SBCs enable seamless IP interconnections for IP eXchange (IPX), IP Peering, Intra-Network, and International Interconnects for the world's largest networks.

Cloud Native Session Border Controllers

Session Border Controllers for Enterprises Portfolio

SBC Software Edition (SBC SWe)

Industry-leading, secure, scalable virtual and cloud native SBC

SBC Software Edition Lite

A virtualized enterprise SBC with a small footprint and Microsoft integration

SBC 1000 - Session Border Controller

Flexible configurations connect a broad set of endpoints for SMBs

SBC 2000 - Session Border Controller

Securely connecting telephony for medium-sized businesses

SBC 5110 - Session Border Controller

Proven architecture to easily scale from 250 to 10,000 concurrent sessions

SBC 5210 - Session Border Controller

High performance metrics and industry-leading capacity of 64,000 concurrent sessions.

SBC 5400 - Session Border Controller

Ultimate SBC platform that advances today’s and tomorrow’s real-time communications

SBC 7000 - Session Border Controller

The industry’s highest scale SBC with fully enabled security, media and transcoding features


SBC solution for service providers and enterprises


Dummies Guide

Session Border Controllers for Dummies


Network-to-Network Interface Solution


SBC Overview

Case Study

Enterprise SIP Trunking Enables Secure and Reliable Transfer Services

Case Study

T-Mobile Czech offers Advanced SIP Trunking Capabilities

Case Study

VoIP Logic chooses Ribbon for Managed SBC Services




Q50 Session Border Controller Media Platform


SBC 1000


SBC 2000


SBC 5400


SBC 7000


SBC Software Edition (SWe)


SBC Software Edition Lite (SWe Lite)


Miercom: SBC 5400 Performance and Security Assessment


Miercom: SBC 7000 Lab Testing Summary

Solution Brief

SBC SIP Session Call Recording (SIPREC)

White Paper

Microservices: Optimizing Session Border Controllers in the Cloud

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