Media Gateways

Ribbon’s industry-leading and high performance portfolio of media gateways address a wide range of solutions for access and trunking used in mobile, fixed and enterprise IP and circuit-switched networks. Ribbon Media Gateways address a full range of scale, performance and capabilities for a variety of applications. They are widely deployed by service providers to offer Voice over LTE (VoLTE) and IP Multimedia Subsystem (IMS) media interworking and transcoding services, VoIP services, interwork IP and legacy circuit switched networks, consolidate and modernize fixed legacy networks, offer tandem or transit and interconnect services, offer new voice and multimedia services, transform or replace costly legacy switching, and converge disparate mobile and fixed networks.

Ribbon's Media Gateways are also utilized by Enterprises as part of legacy PBX Evolution solutions to support analog line access on a high density Line Access Gateway platform and help Enterprises migrate to IP and Unified Communications.

Media Gateways Portfolio

G5 Line Access Gateway

Enables revenue growth & savings by linking TDM customers to mobile, IMS, and SIP-based services

G6 Universal Gateway

Provides the intelligent interworking of signaling, and media to access trunks

G9 Media Gateway

Enable any-to-any switching across wireless, wireline, access, core, TDM, and IP networks

GSX 9000

Voice networks are moving IP, blending rich multimedia around traditional voice services. Many network…

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