What do airports, rail systems and highways all have in common? They all serve a growing population with increasing expectations. No longer is it enough to get from point A to point B in the shortest amount of time. Customers expect to be entertained, to be served and to enjoy the journey. Digitization is key to achieving this goal!

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Today, the connected telecoms systems that metro rail systems rely on are varied and numerous. These myriad systems help increase the frequency, automation, efficiency and control of train operations, providing metro operators with information and ability to control and serve a growing number of passengers every day. Most of the systems mentioned are mission-critical, requiring 24/7 redundancy and protection systems to support their availability. The future depends on modernizing these systems for the benefit of all.

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Working the Line

How’s the Weather in Telecoms These Days?

How’s the Weather in Telecoms These Days?

Global warming and the resulting weather conditions have stranded many a passenger. It is still amazing that in spite of technological progress, a simple natural phenomenon like snow can seemingly bring the world to a halt. But the digitization of airports hails progress and can be experienced by those stranded as well. So how does airport digitization make for better experiences?

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Why Utilities Need HD Video

Many articles of late discuss how the utilities need to modernize the operations technology (OT) for better command and control of their networks. Usually, these articles talk about how to increase efficiency, security and control. Few discuss the question, "How can utilities use this next generation communication network to improve the productivity of the staff at remote locations? How can improving communications affect performance and well-being?

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Why Utilities Need HD Video

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