Rural Voice Services

Because Reforming Your Network is a Business Imperative

Service providers continue to face challenges as residential landlines erode and more value-added services move to the cloud. Regional and rural providers are particularly impacted as their smaller service territories typically limit access to business accounts. Smaller telecom providers are now focused on fiber to the home, wireless backhaul, and similar alternatives, to raise revenue. Their traditional voice business needs to be optimized to make it less expensive to operate, less labor-intensive, and better suited to deliver business services. Not to mention it needs to be modernized to mitigate issues with aging hardware and end-of-life assets.

Ribbon can help. Leveraging decades of experience working with regional and rural providers, Ribbon Voice Sync delivers a software-centric solution that is cost-effective for smaller providers to deploy and maintain. Providers can combine Ribbon's telecom solutions that with Ribbon IP Optical solutions to build a network designed to meet the changing expectations of the customers, assuring their business will remain a fixture in their community for decades to come.