Service providers must offset eroding residential revenues and modernize their networks to control costs. Ribbon's unified communications and secure SIP trunking give service providers the solutions they need to support business customers with hybrid work environments. Ribbon delivers an end-to-end solution, ready for the Telco Cloud including the Ribbon Application Server for hosted services, Ribbon SBCs to secure the core, and Ribbon Intelligent Edge devices to assure enterprise security, QoS, and proactive monitoring of the user experience. It's no wonder leading telecom providers and MSOs rely on Ribbon solutions to deliver their business services. Ribbon offers network elements that are ready to deploy in the cloud, either fully virtualized or via microservices and containers that are ready for cloud-native environments, including the public cloud.  

Of course, Ribbon also understands that no service provider can operate as an island, part of delivering compelling solutions is assuring interoperability with popular cloud UC platforms and contact centers. That's why Ribbon invests in interoperability and works closely with other vendors, even our competitors. Unlike some of those competitors, Ribbon doesn't make endpoints, collaboration tools, or PBXs, so there is no incentive to favor one provider over another. When you invest in a Ribbon solution you can be assured that it is designed to deliver superior performance and security with the broadest portfolio of ecosystem partners. Don't take our word for it, visit our Interoperability Page


The Ribbon Difference for Business Services

  • Compelling solutions to deliver hosted business services
  • Multiple solutions to deliver SIP trunks for IP-PBXs and UCaaS
  • Telco Cloud-ready - Cloud-native and fully virtualized network elements 
  • Proven interoperability with ecosystem partners including Microsoft Teams, Zoom Phone, Ring Central, Cisco, Genesys, Nice InContact, and more
  • Global design, installation, and support services ensure rapid time-to-market and sustained profitability

SIP Trunking that Attracts Business Customers

Ribbon's SBCs provide the security, interoperability, and scale required to enable SIP Trunking from the Telco Cloud. Ribbon offers cloud-native architectures built using microservices and designed to optimize resource allocation, dynamic scaling, and automated lifecycle management. Of course, enabling best-in-class SIP trunking is more than just enabling scalable connectivity. It means enabling cloud-based routing and policy management, overload controls, SIP normalization, SIP Recording, SIP over WebSocket, IPv4-IPv6 interworking, and audio transcoding.
Use the same Ribbon solutions for SIP trunking, Network-Network Interconnect, Unified Communications as a Service, Contact Center as a Service, or just to migrate from TDM to IP peering. Ribbon knows that the move to cloud-based software can’t mean reduced media performance. The Ribbon SBC SWe offers NVIDIA’s Graphical Processing Units (GPUs) to perform audio codec transcoding achieving the highest scalability with the lowest cost/transcode in any cloud environment.
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Insights that Create Impact

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Ribbon Analytics offers providers a compelling suite of services to differentiate their SIP trunking solution from the competition. Ribbon Analytics offers internal reporting and trend analysis to be sure SLAs are being met and that fraud is being detected. The same investment provides opportunities to create value-added services for end customers based on this in-depth information. These reports can be packaged as a value-added service or bundled to create a differentiated offer vs competition.

An Intelligent Edge Enhances Cloud Services

As business services move to the cloud, finding an intelligent way to monitor thousands or tens of thousands of hosted deployments can be daunting. That’s exactly why providers deploy thousands of Ribbon’s EdgeMarc each month.  EdgeMarc appliances provide demonstrable return on investment by enabling providers to centrally monitor and manage cloud services, from the enterprise edge.

EdgeMarc appliances provide security, NAT, local gateway services, traffic shaping, voice quality monitoring and more. They seamless integrate with Ribbon’s cloud-based monitoring solution, EdgeView. Providers leverage EdgeView’s reporting to find issues before customers even open trouble tickets and can use EdgeView and EdgeMarc to isolate issues, dramatically reducing calls and truck rolls. Ribbon’s solution helps providers deliver better quality and more consistent services.  

Intelligent Edge Whitepaper
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