Delivering Better Customer Experiences with Ribbon Solutions

Wednesday, December 4th, 2019 | 11am EST

You are invited to our exclusive webinar on Wednesday, February 19th at 11am EST. This webinar will be presented by Ribbon Communications, a global technology company with more than two decades of leadership in real-time communications.

Whether you are adding new cloud services, securing your network from robocalls & fraud, or monetizing your broadband, Ribbon can help you stand out from the crowd. Ribbon has the products & services to enable advanced, integrated, secure and reliable communications to their broadband deployments.

Join us Wednesday, February 19th to learn more about Ribbon's industry-leading & award-winning solutions portfolio - ranging from applications platforms and clients, call controllers, media gateways, session border controllers, policy and routing engines, analytics, to cloud communications “as a Service” solutions, all of which are supported by a global services team with extensive experience in design, deployment, and maintenance of some of the world’s largest IP networks.

Topics covered on the webinar include:

  • Who is Ribbon?
    • Product and Solutions Overview
    • White-Labeled Residential Business Voice Solutions
    • Subscriber and Network Analytics
    • System-Wide Security
  • The NRECA Advantage
    • Funding Opportunities
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WEBINAR: Delivering Better Customer Experiences with Ribbon Solutions

Wednesday, February 19th | 11am EST


Learn about our Product and Solutions

So as far as the agenda what we're going to talk about today is really just introduced Ribbon Communications and what we offer. That should be of interest to any Co-op or any electric company that wants to get into servicing Communications or delivering Communications type services to their end customers.


Ribbon Communications was actually created in October of 2017 and it was created with the merger of a company called GENBAND and a company called Sonus networks. Both of those companies have been around since probably around 2000 and both of those companies prior to the merger in 2017 had done merger activity on their own. In 2010, GENBAND some assets from Nortel. In 2016, Sonus acquired Performance Technologies and Taqua. So both GENBAND and Sonus Networks have in their portfolio the combined Ribbon portfolio. Back in 2018, Ribbon acquired a company called Edgewater Networks which brought to the table Edge devices that can be used for various types of functionality, typically within an Enterprise or business. In 2019, Ribbon acquired Anova Data which was a company that provided some data technology that helped us build and enhance our analytics portfolio that we'll talk about.

Ribbon as a company has been around a long time via its acquisitions and has a very wide portfolio as a result. Hopefully soon, Ribbon is set to acquire a company called ECI, which brings to the table packet and Optical Transport Solutions. This helps the Ribbon portfolio you'll hear us say “from the core to the edge” meaning the core components of a network like the call controllers and things like that to the edge, which is typically equipment that would sit on a customer's location. And with the ECI acquisition, we feel like will now have the ability to tie all of that equipment together with our own packet and Optical Transport Solutions. So from a rural electric company that may be looking to get into the business of doing hosted services, we now have the ability to not only provide the core and the edge and services that can be delivered from the core or the edge, but also the ability to tie everything together with our Optical and pack of Transport solution.

You'll find us in all different types and sizes of communications companies throughout the world and North America, for example, AT&T, Verizon, Comcast, big companies like that all the way down to very small and Independent companies. We have a sales team that focuses specifically on municipalities, small wireless carriers, the mom-and-pop telephone companies as well as the rural electric companies. But we're also in large and small enterprises and businesses, like banks, universities, airlines, hotels, city and state governments, we have lots of different deployments in those types of Enterprises. We have products and solutions that are geared towards Enterprises, specifically, and we work with Channels and Distribution Partners in a lot of cases with those Enterprise companies.

We've got lots of deployments within the government, like the Department of Defense locations, various military bases, and we actually have our Application Server functioning for the Pentagon and use in various Services delivered to the Pentagon. We deliver services and lots of different areas throughout the world. Governments, Enterprises, as well as all different types of Service Providers.

Ribbon focuses on certain areas and all of these are tied together by a couple key themes. One is an end-to-end solution focus and what we mean is we try to focus from the core to the edge. Meaning that we have products and services that work everywhere from the core of the network where your call controllers are located, or your application server reside, or your subscriber’s clients may register too. All the way to a customer's location may be behind a private branch exchange where PBX or some type of a phone system that would be located at a small business or a larger Enterprise.

So we want to try to focus and deliver services and products that go all the way from the end and your end user all the way to the core of the network where it hits the rest of the world. Obviously that can create a lot of value because you have one company that can provide a very broad portfolio of products and services across a wide range of markets.

We're also focused on cost savings. Our services now that utilize the cloud and if you're not familiar with the cloud essentially what that is sort of an industry buzz term where a lot of the services that are delivered are delivered in this nebulous cloud that can be either in the public domain or it can be a private cloud that a company owns and uses to deliver services by itself. But to the end user It's essentially a service delivery vehicle that appears and allows them to use services that are offered by a service provider. So cost savings are made because providers, like yourself, don't have to own the material and don't have to manage and operate the system that's done by the service provider via the cloud. So it's a much more economical way to provide services to your customers. And it's because you don't essentially have to be in the business of running and managing your own Networks.

So our focus areas are SaaS (Software as a solution) and IP transformation, and that's the idea of taking existing networks in a lot of communications providers that they may have today and transforming them to an IP network infrastructure and that whole migration has been going on for a long time now. This allows you to provide high-speed internet services and allows for you to overlay voice services on top of that.

The Enterprise Edge is geared towards large and small business customers to provide lots of different calling functionalities, multimedia capabilities, mobility type services and all of those type of capabilities are targeted towards subscribers. Most of these are targeted to the Enterprise side, but a lot of those can actually be used on the residential side as well.

Service Insights and Assurance is our analytics platform. Essentially what analytics means is taking data from various devices on the network and using that data to formulate responses or a feedback mechanism to make policy changes or adjustments in the network to optimize and to secure the network.

Security is another big focus for Ribbon. If you’ve heard about Robocalls, call-blocking, and spam calls, the FCC actually came out with a ruling at the end of 2019 that talked about something called STIR/SHAKEN, but it’s essentially forcing service providers to be able to validate phone numbers on calls and validate the validity of calls that are entering into the network. It’s a way of determining whether the number has been changed or spoofed and there's a lot of focus in the industry right now on reducing and mitigating a lot of the trust factors that have been corrupted by spam calls.