STIR/SHAKEN – How to stop the robocalling madness

Tuesday, July 16th | 11am EDT

There were an estimated 5.2 billion robocalls in just March 2019. Join Ribbon & Neustar on July 16th to learn how to put a stop to robocalling!

Unwanted calls top the Federal Communications Commission’s (FCC) consumer complaint list. To protect consumers, the FCC and Congress are undertaking aggressive actions to combat unwanted, illegal robocalling and call spoofing; this includes implementing a requirement to adopt Caller ID authentication with the STIR/SHAKEN standard. The FCC is putting pressure on many service providers to have a solution in place by the end of 2019 - are you ready?!

While some service providers already have solutions in place and others are testing, a majority have not begun the process. Implementing STIR/SHAKEN needs expert advice; in this webinar on July 16th, you will learn more about the regulatory aspects, architecture, implementation challenges and deployment best practices for STIR/SHAKEN, with a focus on the following:

  • The impacts of unwanted robocalls and call scams on subscribers and enterprises
  • An update on the FCC’s June 2019 declaratory ruling to allow default call blocking
  • The business and technical aspects of deploying STIR/SHAKEN in your network
  • Recommendations to address the complexities of implementing STIR/SHAKEN
  • Incorporating network analytics to increase the efficiency and value of STIR/SHAKEN
  • Q&A
Ram Ramanathan | Ribbon Communications
Ram Ramanathan
Sr. Director, SBC & Policy
Ribbon Communications
Ricardo Bonassi | Ribbon Communications
Ken Politz
Sr. Product Management Director

WEBINAR: STIR/SHAKEN – How to stop the robocalling madness

Tuesday, July 16th | 11am EDT


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