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Ribbon Communications is a global leader in real time communications solutions with a world-class management team and compelling vision. We offer a collaborative working environment, professional development and the opportunity to make a difference at work and in your community.

Where You Will Find Us

  • The World's Leading Tier One Service Providers
  • The Largest Banks, Airlines, Retailers and Manufacturers across the Globe
  • More than 350 U.S. Department of Defense Locations

Ribbon Employment Opportunities

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Why Ribbon?

About Ribbon Communications

  • Decades of Combined Leadership Experience in Real Time Communications
  • Doing Business in 100+ countries
  • 1,000+ Service Provider and Enterprise Customers Globally
  • Hundreds of Patents Worldwide
  • Publicly Traded Company on NASDAQ

Leadership Ranking Source: IHS Research and ExactVentures 4Q-2018 Market share data (Ribbon includes GENBAND, Sonus, and Edgewater)

Together We Can Make a Difference

We value our brand - it represents our people, our products and the communities in   which we live and work.  A career at Ribbon can provide you with the opportunity to grow personally and professionally while making a difference for our customers and for the community in which you live.


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Ribbon Employment Opportunities

Search for jobs across the nation and across globe

Ribbon Connect

Ribbon Connect Teams are funded employee-led groups whose primary mission is to increase employees’ connection to and engagement in the company.  And, they have fun!  The teams work locally to create and deliver local community efforts designed to bring employee sites and groups together, while promoting the overall Ribbon Employment Brand.

The Ribbon Connect Teams are made up of representatives from all levels, departments and functions at each site. 

Our Ribbon Connect teams provide global structure and support to regional events and activities related to new hire assimilation, community involvement, employee feedback and local connectivity events.  There are Ribbon Connect teams in all major Ribbon locations globally. The Ribbon Connect teams provide its members with great opportunities for networking, leadership and self-accomplishment.

One of the major activities that the Ribbon Connect teams engage in is Ribbon Day.


Ribbon Team

Ribbon Day

Ribbon Day is a Ribbon Holiday and a Day of Service in which employees take a day off to do community service.  Since its creation in 2010, Ribbon employees have donated thousands of hours to various charities.

Ribbon is committed to fostering a spirit of year-round volunteerism by giving back to the communities in which we live and work. 

Employees select local charities at which to volunteer their time, to provide special meaning to their respective communities.

Our employees engage in projects and experiences that make a difference in the communities in which they live and work.


ribbon day employees

Ribbon Employment Opportunities

Search for jobs across the nation and across globe

Real-time Rewards Program

  • Real-Time Rewards celebrates Ribbon employees who make significant contributions to business strategy, promote our corporate mission and goals, and deliver revolutionary ideas and methods while living our core values. 
  • The program allows employees to recognize, acknowledge, and celebrate individuals and/or teams who make significant contributions through one easy-to-use platform! 
  • All Ribbon employees are eligible to participate, earn points, and recognize others!
  • With Real-Time Rewards, employees can nominate their colleagues and managers who go above and beyond either by sending an e-card to simply say Thank You! or by nominating them for points which can be redeemed in the rewards gallery for merchandise, gift cards, virtual Visa cards, travel package and much more.