Adding Secure, Compliant Call Center capabilities to Microsoft Teams

July 15th, 2019

It’s no surprise that Microsoft Teams is the fastest growing business application in the company’s history.  Teams surrounds its uber-popular office productivity suite with communications and collaboration capabilities and provides ways to share, iterate on and use the information contained in files to produce better business outcomes.  Adding voice capabilities to Teams is a real game changer and has opened up an entirely new spectrum of applications for leveraging information in real-time. 

For example, call center capabilities are a perfect augmentation to the power of Microsoft Teams.  These applications connect end customers, looking for answers, to the companies that can provide them, and Teams connects those companies to the information they needed to provide those answers.  One example is our partner Mida Solutions, which has connected its LiteCallCenter (LCC) application to Teams to provide a more efficient path between customers with questions and the relevant information.

But solving one problem isn’t always enough in business -- solutions need to be secure and to comply with regulations. 

Securing voice traffic is relatively simple.  Session Border Controllers (SBCs) are designed to work with the Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) used to connect phone calls over Internet Protocol (IP).  SBCs are SIP-aware firewalls that prevent bad actors from infiltrating networks for personal gain, encrypt voice traffic, and protecting against denial of service attacks and toll fraud to keep communications private and accessible while preventing others from using them illegitimately. 

Microsoft Teams is a specific kind of voice traffic that requires a Microsoft-certified SBC to secure it.  Ribbon SBCs have been tested with Microsoft voice applications for over a decade and are fully supported by Microsoft to connect the phone system Teams utilizes to enterprise telephony systems. 

Mida’s call recording solution MidaRec completes an offering that not only securely connects end customers to the answers they seek, but delivers regulatory compliance as well.  MidaRec provides a secure audit trail for voice communications, securely storing media for future queries. 

Searching through media is different than searching through data – rather than a simple text query of a relatively small full-text index, it requires a system that associates recorded media with the calls that come into a call center. This three-pronged architecture combining Microsoft, Ribbon and Mida provides a full-featured offering for customer service operators to leverage Teams.

Microsoft Booth 3004

To find out more about how Mida Solutions and Ribbon provide a seamless, secure, compliant real-time connection between your customers’ questions and the answers you store in Microsoft Teams, meet us at Booth 3004 at Microsoft Inspire this week in Las Vegas.


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