CS2100 and SL-100 Customers – There’s Still Plenty of Open Road Ahead

August 21st, 2018

Wondering what your options are when one of your traditional communications vendors suggests you rip out your legacy Nortel infrastructure so you can replace one proprietary platform with another? Why spend more money to be vendor-locked, have to retrain your team, and disrupt your end-users lives with a new expensive plastic phone that they didn’t request?

Here’s a better idea. Why not capitalize on your existing investment, and simply, gracefully and cost-efficiently migrate to unified communications that works on your existing phones and applications.  Add the mobility, collaboration and modern, standards-based, endpoints your employees need to be productive. Your CS2100 has proven itself to be one of the most reliable pieces of IT infrastructure you own, so why replace it with something that requires your constant time, money and attention?

Why not embrace a software roadmap that enhances what you already have in place?  Ribbon solutions won’t consume months of an IT staff’s time planning and executing a massive upgrade.  Instead, a few resources can thoughtfully add new endpoints and collaboration tools, even WebRTC-based contact center services, all harmonized on a common and fully supported Application Server. It seems to make more sense to be on a platform that allows you to dictate what applications you want and when you want to implement them.

Download Application Server JITC Datasheet

Why risk an upheaval of user experience when your workforce can transparently enjoy all the benefits of UC services, including a single number presence across legacy handsets and client-enabled computers and smartphones? 

If you’re pondering your long term roadmap for the Communication Server 2100 (and SL100) you’ve come to the right place with Ribbon. We’re offering a seamless and less disruptive migration to unified communications capabilities that will enable your company to realize greater productivity and enriched customer interactions on your existing investment.

Large organizations can preserve and gradually transition existing investments in legacy analog, TDM and IP infrastructure that reduces their datacenter footprint and preserves their peripheral end-points with Ribbon’s carrier-grade platform solution.

If your organization is part of the US Department of Defense, Ribbon can also help.  Ribbon has JITC Certified solutions for both Local Session Controller (LSC) and Enterprise Session Controller (ESC) as well as JITC Certified SBCs and high density analog gateways.  We have an entire JITC page dedicated to your mission or download the datasheet to read about key highlights of the solution.

We’ve invested in all this so thousands of companies don’t have to toss out years of investment and training, and can serve their team more – a lot more – for a lot less than the “forklift” solutions.

Ribbon provides:

  • A fully supported roadmap for CS2100 & SL-100
  • The ability to easily enhance and overlay existing voice lines with UC services including mobility, Instant Messaging (IM) and Presence.
  • A boost in employee productivity and customer satisfaction with collaboration tools and contact center integration.
  • JITC Certified migration options for DoD deployments

Next time you’re asked to rip out your existing Nortel infrastructure keep in mind – the road ahead is clear now.

Let’s keep driving forward together.

For more information on Ribbon’s enterprise communications solutions visit https://ribboncommunications.com/solutions/enterprise-solutions.

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