Five of the Industry’s Best Analysts Share Their Thoughts on GENBAND

March 27th, 2012
Joe McGarvey

Since moving into a marketing and communications role at GENBAND, one of the things I miss most is the unofficial camaraderie shared with fellow analysts.  Though we competed fiercely at times for clients, pithy quotes in media outlets and prime-time exposure at industry events, we did so in a collegial manner, and always in an atmosphere of mutual respect and shared experience.

Evoking that same spirit of camaraderie and competition, five of the finest analysts in the business are featured in the video that accompanies this article. No surprise to me, all have thoughtful and insightful observations to share about GENBAND, its history and its future prospects in a highly competitive network infrastructure equipment and software market (where the competition is not always so friendly).

GENBAND, for a company founded in 1999, enjoys a rich history. The analysts featured in this video, have witnessed and chronicled much of GENBAND’s past. Brian Partridge of the Yankee Group, for example, was an eye-witness to the “unorthodox” path GENBAND has traveled from a single-product company to what it is today. Though the G6® Universal Gateway is still a big part of the GENBAND portfolio, it’s now surrounded by dozens of products playing a prominent role in assisting operators in the transformation of their legacy networks to IP and helping them evolve their IP networks with applications and personalization that will capture customer loyalty and ARPU for the next decade.

Jeremy Duke of Synergy Research Group and Diane Meyers of Infonetics Research separately touch upon the opportunities for growth in the SBC and application server markets. GENBAND’s A2™ Communications Application Server stands emblematic of GENBAND’s transformative journey. The A2 sits at the cross roads of NGN and IMS, as well as fixed and mobile networks, enabling operators to address their entire customer universe with a single platform. The A2 is all about fusion, leveraging its GENBAND Mobile Life and Mobile Office application suites, as well as its open APIs, to provide operators with the ability to assist subscribers in blending their personal and professional communications tool, including the federation of social networking applications.

It’s been great fun sharing the GENBAND experience with my former colleagues. I’m really looking forward to hearing their insights and observation from a different perspective during the next leg of the journey.

Enjoy the video!  Click here to view the video.

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