Kandy CPaaS: Helping Service Providers participate in a Multi-Billion Dollar Growing Market Opportunity (Part 2 of 2)

September 18th, 2018

In Part 1 of my blog, I provided an overview of why Communications Platforms as a Service (CPaaS) are growing in importance and highlighted the benefits of Ribbon's Kandy CPaaS platform. Now we will take a closer look at why Kandy is the preferred CPaaS for Communications Service Providers (CSPs).

Kandy is White-Label

Kandy is a white-label CPaaS offering that allows CSPs to utilize their long-standing and well-recognized brands to take CPaaS offers to market. You can easily customize Kandy Go-to-Market materials and portals to your brand, User Interface (UI) and User Experience (UX).


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Kandy Supports Flexible Deployment Options – Our Cloud, Your Cloud or Hybrid

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Public Cloud – CSPs connect their network to the Kandy public cloud using SIP Trunks and other easy to add APIs for billing, provisioning, analytics, etc. Kandy runs on carrier-grade, redundant, high-reliability data centers all over the world. We maintain every aspect of it so that CSPs only have to focus on delivering great user experiences.

Private Cloud – CSPs can deploy Kandy in their own private cloud. CSPs provide their own infrastructure and we manage the platform in your environment. We deploy and configure all of the Kandy elements  and CSPS are then ready to go.

Hybrid Cloud – This option consists of deploying Kandy Link in the enterprise private cloud or on-premises and connecting to Kandy in the public cloud. Kandy Link provides Ribbon’s award-winning WebRTC gateway, REST API proxy  and media broker capabilities locally, as well as the ability to deploy additional services such as value-added features powered by micro-services from the Kandy public cloud.

Kandy is Carrier-Grade

The Kandy platform is built from modern software and cloud architecture principles and carrier-class building blocks as the core of the platform. The carrier-grade architecture enables highly reliable and scalable service offerings to enterprises across multiple locations and geographies.

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Kandy Pre-Packaged Applications (Kandy Wrappers)

Kandy Wrappers are revenue-ready, pre-packaged, fully functional software applications that CSPs can deliver standalone or enterprises can insert into their websites or applications to enhance them with embedded real time communications capabilities. These solutions cater to low-code or no-code stakeholders who are looking to solve problems with digital solutions specific to market verticals or broadly across horizontal market segments. Kandy Wrappers accelerate time-to-market by significantly reducing implementation efforts and costs. Wrappers are built using the same Kandy APIs and SDKs that enterprises and developers have access to for building their own applications. But the big difference is that the heavy lifting has been done by Kandy.

Live Support Suite

Integrate a support button in your website that provides a chat, voice and video communication to a service agent. Build your own directory and allow your users to choose the right agent, every time.

  • A VIP e-commerce experience that guides visitors to the checkout and a VIP customer service that reduces support costs. Integrated with your point-of-sale to allow small and medium business to convert web visits into sales.
  • A chat bot or natural language processing option for Live Support that helps your customers on messaging platforms (Twitter, Messenger, Slack, etc.) and auto-escalates to a Live Support session when customers need it.

  • Everything you would expect from a truck roll, but without the truck. Let your customers share their mobile camera with to let an agent see what they see or allow field workers to access a remote subject matter expert.

Visual Attendant

Integrate a visual menu into your website that allows your visitors to call the right person over a WebRTC voice call. No more listening to an IVR menu, just look at the available choices and get connected immediately.

Kandy Offers an Ecosystem

Kandy comes with an ecosystem of partners for CSPs to utilize and offer to enterprises to help them build communications-based applications for target markets and verticals. Below are some  of Kandy’s key partners who are all here to  help CSPs and their enterprise customers create vertical and custom digital applications.

kandy eco partners


Kandy CPaaS can overlay existing UC Service offerings or include white-label UCaaS

Kandy CPaaS enables CSPs to protect existing investments in their hosted or cloud-based UC service environments, preserve the quality of service in their offerings and enable enterprise grade SLAs. Using our Kandy Link WebRTC gateway to overlay existing call control and application servers, Kandy can help CSPs API and CPaaS-enable their existing UC services.  Coupled with Kandy CPaaS micro-services in the public cloud, additional API capabilities can be easily integrated and overlayed onto existing UCaaS offerings to grow revenues with existing customers, especially large enterprises who already trust CSPs with their communications needs.

If CSPs need to introduce new UCaaS offerings, Kandy also comes with the option to provide a full-fledged white-label UCaaS service with a Kandy CPaaS overlay providing APIs and pre-packaged Wrapper applications for a combined UCaaS and CPaaS offering. Kandy white-label UCaaS delivers turnkey cloud UC services such as Cloud PBX, Cloud Contact Center and Cloud Collaboration.



Kandy CPaaS uniquely offers CSPs the ability to participate in a high growth, multi-billion dollar market using their own brands, relationships and infrastructure to provide innovative CPaaS services to enterprises and meet the competitive challenges brought on by new market competitors and paradigms that correlate value to innovation and service agility. Several forward-thinking CSPs around the world have already recognized the unique value that Kandy offers and are investing in the numerous opportunities offered by a market-differentiating CPaaS.

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