Recent Global Enterprise Customer Examples

October 13th, 2023

Today I wanted to include a few examples of recent customer engagements. These are large multinational enterprises that have complex networks. Generally they like to standardize on a few vendors but give them as much flexibility as possible going forward. In the industry, Ribbon is known as the vendor to look to for solving complex voice and data problems, particularly where you have lots of global sites and to create a consistent user experience across the enterprise.

Company 1 has 300K employees deployed around the world with operations in retail banking, credit card servicing, investment banking, and mortgage processing. They have large contact centers and employee sites around the world requiring security/encryption, call recording, and complex call groups for trading and other business functions.

Recently, this company wanted to address a collection of media gateways scattered over 100 branch offices around the globe. Media gateways are used to translate communication streams between different formats – mostly between legacy analog and IP. In this case, the gateways are used to convert analog devices inside the business – fax, elevator phones, security phones – to IP. The company was looking to replace these devices due to their increasing age and the expensive nature of their support contract.

This company decided to select Ribbon SBC 2000 devices to replace the existing media gateways. Primary reasons for this decision include:

  • A vendor neutral approach, as the Ribbon SBCs are not tied to any particular infrastructure can be adapted as business needs change
  • Ability to implement branch survivability should internet coverage be lost. In such an instance calls can be re-routed to analog lines or trunks (or wireless)
  • Global capabilities to implement a complex solution at far flung locations

Company 2 is another with a global workforce of 200K employees and business interests in all facets of the financial services industry. This company was looking to modernize their voice & video communications infrastructure with a cloud-based Zoom-based implementation. The new network required a complete “rip-and-replace” of legacy PBXs, all without impacting voice and video services to end users.  They also wanted a solution that would be vendor-neutral to give them the flexibility to shift between the new and legacy services, and to future-proof their investment.

This company chose the SBC SWe as the core SBC for their voice network infrastructure and Ribbon’s PSX as a policy and routing engine for centralized (global) dial plan management. In addition, Ribbon Element Management System (EMS) was chosen as the platform to manage the Ribbon network elements. The solution provided them with a highly secure voice network and the tools to manage a transition to a cloud-based communication platform.