Scaling Secure Communications When They Matter Most

June 27th, 2018

This is a story we at Ribbon are proud to share.

With our partner Verizon, we’ve completed one of the largest VoIP deployments in the history of the US Department of Defense (DOD)’s , leveraging Ribbon’s Joint Interoperability Test Command (JITC)-certified Application Server.

With over 50,000 end-users connected and supported, the DOD team can communicate in a secure, mission-critical manner.

This extensive project has been successfully implemented due to the true partnership between the DOD, Verizon and Ribbon. The passion for the mission has been part of the teamwork that drove this project forward over several years. We all recognize the benefits associated with ensuring voice communications and we take pride in supporting the DoD and its crucial work. 

This reflects the Ribbon team’s commitment to standards and innovation, including providing, with Verizon, an efficient path forward and smooth transformation from legacy systems to better, stronger and more effective real time communications technologies. 

We are also grateful to Black Box, Visioneering and Polycom for helping make this deployment a success; projects of this magnitude require an experienced, aligned and committed team.

As our announcement noted, the deployment allows the command and control organization to significantly upgrade its communications capabilities with the latest in secure real-time unified communications (UC) technology, including the ability to seamlessly integrate voice, video, instant messaging, presence and conferencing into the end-user experience.

In addition to the significant operational cost savings offered by upgrading to Ribbon’s application server, the rich enterprise features it enabled played a major role in the DoD’s selection of Ribbon. 

Another key factor was Ribbon’s long history of providing Tier One service providers with carrier-grade reliability and the company’s ability to improve DoD’s network reliability and uptime.

Already supporting more than 40 million SIP endpoints globally, the Ribbon Application Server’s carrier-grade heritage provides a unique capability to offer a highly scalable, private cloud-based upgrade option for legacy communications systems deployed by the US Department of Defense. 

The advanced Ribbon solution is deployed with standards-based SIP and ASSIP endpoints, so there is no proprietary endpoint lock-in. It easily scales to millions of endpoints per node, making it ideally suited for geographically redundant, organization-wide, private cloud environments. 

The migration process and deployment, led by Verizon, was designed for rapid execution with little operational disruption to enable members of every component to leverage secure real-time UC technology.

No project of this scale succeeds without genuine partnership – from the vision to the execution, from the high level planning to the most granular details – we are indeed thankful for all those individuals and teams who invested so much into this meaningful and sustainable project. 

You can learn more about the specifics of our deployment by reading our news release.


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