Advanced Intelligence for Fixed Voice Networks

Wednesday, September 2nd | 11am EDT

Fixed voice services and networks are getting increasingly complex to manage. OMDIA research shows, “more than 60% of service provider revenue is spent on OPEX”. In response to the ongoing pandemic and explosion in the number of users working and studying from home, network traffic demands for voice and video over IP communication services has dramatically increased. With dynamic changes to network traffic demands and the need to address these challenges, service providers are looking for turnkey analytics with advanced insights into their complex networks, to improve Quality of Service (QoS) and deliver Service Level Agreements (SLAs) guaranteed to subscribers.

Ribbon Analytics enables retrospective root cause analysis with near-real time and historical data, identification of key network trends and issues over periods of time, and provides advanced insights across your fixed voice networks. In this webinar we will highlight capabilities to: monitor network KPIs and key trends; resolve network issues; plan network growth; reduce time to problem resolution; reclaim revenue leakage.

Key topics include:

  • Value proposition on the role of advanced analytics in addressing the operator's business challenges
  • Use cases for fixed voice networks
    • Showing interactive dashboards delivering advance insights and end-to-end visibility of your voice network across IP and TDM networks
    • How to monitor QoS for your business customers and reduce revenue leakage
    • How to troubleshoot and diagnose with root cause analysis for pro-active problem resolution and planning
  • Recommended strategies that operators must adopt to deliver reliable service quality in fixed voice network
Rich Krizan | Ribbon Communications
Rich Krizan
Director, Product Management
Todd Warble | Ribbon Communications
Todd Warble
Sales Management Consultant, Analytics
Prasanna Vijayakumar | Ribbon Communications
Prasanna Vijayakumar
Sr. Manager, Solutions Marketing

WEBINAR: Advanced Intelligence for Fixed Voice Networks

Wednesday, September 2nd | 11am EDT


Fixed NTR Analytics

Let’s talk about the state of the NTR market. We are aware of the service provider's role in today's economy. Fixed or mobile services in this new digital economy provides huge trillion-dollar opportunities for service providers.

However, along with these opportunities, there are also several channel against that we have to address within our networks and services today. Things like adopting new technologies to transform services or transforming network infrastructure and transforming the business model. And all these new innovations or transformations puts pressure on the margin to the operators, right? In a recent survey, they concluded that 80% of the operators indicated that reducing operational costs is their top priority in short-term.

What are the network complexities that we can identify with our customers? Well some of these include delivering service level agreements or quality of experience that can be guaranteed to your customers. Concerning our fixed network environments, this may be controlling the vast amount of data that comes from the legacy switches. All of these increases the difficulty level in meeting the SLAs and QoE due to your customers, right?

Let us say, existing standalone tools that you might have in your network like EMS we can use these to manage your individual network, our product ourselves as operations, but there is no overall network visibility or advanced intelligence that they can deliver. These might include network planning, or service disruption. This adds to the complexity of delivering efficient operations.

Are you currently able to get report that explains disruptions within the network or what happened in the past? Can we then look into these reports and their stats and figure out what's coming? Or can we address the security issues before it happens, or in real time, when it's happening in the network? But the biggest complexity at the end of the day is to catch up with the other fast evolving services or competitors in the market.

With the proper data enrichment tool in place handling the network operations and security, Service Providers can worry about offering a poor service, service disruptions, capacity overload and really focus on rolling services to the market and addressing the poor customer experience.