Optical & Packet Networking Solutions for Regional Carriers

Thursday, April 16th | 11am EDT

You're invited to join Ribbon Communications on Thursday, April 16th at 11am EDT for our webinar focused on optical and packet transport solutions for Regional Carriers.

Ribbon-ECI understands the unique needs of Regional Carriers. They must provide their customers with services value that is competitive against larger tier 1 offerings, while operating under tighter budgetary and staffing constraints. ECI has a proven track record of supplying Regional Carriers worldwide with transport solutions that offer "more for less” with special attention to each customer’s particular situation.

Join us April 16th as we cover all of the below and more:

  • Broadband aggregation and transport
  • Mobile backhaul with an eye to 5G
  • Spectrum sharing
  • Q&A
We will also show how ECI’s optical and packet networking portfolio delivers “more for less”, and leave some time for Q&A.
Jonathan Homa | Ribbon Communications
Jonathan Homa
Senior Director of Portfolio Marketing
Ribbon Communications
Bruno Grad | Ribbon Communications
Bruno Grad
VP of NA Sales Engineering
Ribbon Communications

WEBINAR: Optical & Packet Networking Solutions for Regional Carriers

Thursday, April 16th | 11am EDT


Optical & Packet Networking Solutions for Regional Carriers

Our networking Solutions serve two primary bases of customers. Communications Service Providers (CSPs) as well as Critical Infrastructure verticals such as utilities and education networks. Our Solutions go beyond conventional carrier grade to mission critical grade, they are highly functional, robust, and secure and above all they are elastic, meaning you can ensure that any investment in Ribbon and ECI packet or optical networking Solutions today are evolvable as technologies and service needs change. With a near 100% customer retention rate, we have proven that over and over again. Let's explore how we can make you a customer for our networking solutions.

Ribbon ECI software and hardware-based products and solutions offer flexible deployment and architectures. They are deployable and proven in different parts of networks in the cloud, in the core of networks, in the edge of networks, in metro locations, in access networks and in the enterprise edge. Our products and solutions also run in different layers of communication network architectures, from the session and application layers, to the optical and packet networking and transport layers. The majority of our solutions are deployable and proven in some of the largest scale NFV and SDN, both distributed and private clouds, our security including session border controller software solutions are also deployable in the public cloud, such as AWS, Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud for multiple applications.

Today, however, we will focus on Packet and Optical Transport solutions. These represent the solutions that ECI is bringing to the table. We call the entirety of our solution portfolio the Elastic Services Platform. This is a programmable infrastructure coupled with a service driven software suite and open APIs to make your network work for you.

Apollo provides a complete access to core optical solution with virtually unlimited flexible bandwidth. Its design allows mixing and matching interoperable building blocks with a rich range of service aggregation, optical transport and wavelength routing capabilities, enabling customized cost-effective solutions.

Neptune provides multi-service packet transport from the access to the core. It combines carrier-grade service assurance visibility and control with efficient multi-service packet aggregation and transport. Its unique elastic MPLS functionality ensures the best transport technology is used for each service type transported and integration of legacy services as simple. Its agile and programmable hardware makes it easy to evolve the solution to the next-generation transport required for 5G services.

Mercury Network Function Virtualization deploys a rich library of ECI and third-party VNFs to create differentiable services value such as for business services UCPE deployments. NFV infrastructure platforms are available both as Neptune blades as well as commercial off-the-shelf devices. Muse lifecycle automation delivers real-time SDN control over a programmable network infrastructure that automates the service and network operations lifecycles. It covers planning, commissioning service, provisioning, real-time performance, alarm monitoring, analytics, dynamic services and network restoration, as well as maintenance. Finally, Muse Cyber Security is a product-focused on protecting critical infrastructure from cyber-attacks.

The elastic Services platform is extremely well suited to addressing the unique needs of customers and service providers such as yourself, focusing as independent operators or regional carriers. Its functionality lets you build solutions that enable you to compete head-on with Tier-1 network solutions. It is scalable and economical allowing you to pay you as you grow. Its intuitive network management, through a single pane of glass, lets you manage the entire solution with a small staff. Advanced features enable rapidly creating and provisioning services and add revenues to your bottom line. It is secure at both the data and control planes and above all the elastic services platform is flexible. When you combine that with Ribbon and ECI proven track record of customization, are we believe our solutions can be tailored fit to your unique business needs.