Understanding Transport for 5G Networks

Wednesday, April 8th | 11am EDT

You're invited to join Ribbon Communications on Wednesday, April 8th at 11am EDT for our webinar focused on backhaul transport for 5G networks.

As mobile operators deploy 5G services, the transport network will become strained under the load of higher capacity, tighter latency, more stringent synchronization, and greater connection flexibility. Today’s carrier Ethernet networks will not be adequate to meet these challenges, and a next-generation transport solution will be required.

Join us April 8th as we cover all of the below and more:

  • 5G services present new challenges to transport networks – capacity, deterministic performance, and connection flexibility
  • How today’s carrier Ethernet backhaul networks will be insufficient to meet the demands of 5G service
  • What is slicing in the transport network and how does it relate to network slicing in general?
  • What is hybrid slicing and how does it uniquely delivers the transport connectivity that 5G requires?
  • What is driving the new synchronization requirements and what requirements does this place on the transport network?
  • Q&A
Sam Lisle | Ribbon Communications
Sam Lisle
Director of Business Development
Ribbon Communications
Elizabeth Page | Ribbon Communications
Elizabeth Page
National Sales Manager
Ribbon Communications

WEBINAR: Understanding Transport for 5G Networks

Wednesday, Aril 8th | 11am EDT