Ribbon is a leading, publicly traded, global provider of communications technology, employing thousands of individuals operating in more than 100 countries. Using our trusted solutions, our customers offer services that improve the quality of life for billions of people around the world, support digital inclusion across markets and lower global greenhouse emissions through efficient bandwidth utilization and cloud-based applications.

Ribbon knows that Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) is a business imperative for three reasons:

  • A diverse workforce provides our business with the best sources of talent;
  • A diverse and empowered workforce facilitates our understanding of diverse customer needs and powers innovation, and
  • Employing and empowering a diverse workforce advances and helps build stronger communities.

We define DEI as:

  • Diversity: The development of a workforce in which aspects of human difference, social identities, and social group differences are proactively welcomed and embraced. Such differences may include , but are not limited to,  race, ethnicity, creed, color, sex, gender, gender identity, gender expression, sexual identity, socio-economic status, generational status, language, culture, national origin, religion, spirituality, age, physical appearance and disabilities.
  • Equity: The establishment of fair and just practices and policies designed to ensure employees can thrive. Equity acknowledges the need to support employees in different ways in line with their needs. It does not mean treating everyone equally, but rather, providing everyone with equal access to opportunity and extending support in ways that help overcome inherent inequalities and barriers.
  • Inclusion: The provision of workplace policies, processes and practices that empower all employees to feel respected, valued and able to contribute to the best of their potential. Inclusion is the culture in our organization and it is reflected by our employees who know and feel that they belong and are able to fully access their rights and opportunities.

Our Approach

We believe that having a diverse group of people who contribute different perspectives and viewpoints is critical to the success of our organization. We are committed to fostering and maintaining a diverse workforce, equitable policies and programs within a culture of inclusion.

Traditionally, gender diversity (attraction, development, promotion and retention of women) in the technology industry has been challenging. Improving our gender diversity, in particular at management levels, is a core priority for Ribbon. However, we recognize that diversity is about far more than gender and we aspire to achieve representation and active inclusion of a wide range of employee groups who represent many dimensions of diversity in our business over time. We want to create an environment where leaders buy into the value of belonging, both intellectually and emotionally, resulting in all employees feel they belong and connect to Ribbon.

Our approach to DEI in our workforce encompasses the following elements:

  • Educating the Organization: We are raising awareness at all levels of the organization by educating our leaders and employees in the benefits of a diverse workforce and a culture of inclusion. We are advancing training initiatives aimed at addressing conscious/unconscious bias, and we provide tools to employees to address the challenges of building a truly inclusive culture. We survey our employees on their views about Ribbon’s diversity performance and their sense of belonging. We also run a global annual event, Ribbon Global Diversity Day, to reinforce awareness and commitment through several targeted activities. We also hold several cultural awareness initiatives throughout the year.  
  • Recruiting for Diversity: Improving the diversity of our organization means looking at the way we recruit. Our job postings offer equal opportunity, and we strive for them to be gender neutral and not to list unrealistic thresholds for application that may be exclusive to certain groups. In our selection process, we actively seek diverse candidates. Mnagers involved in recruitment processes are provided training in diversity and inclusion interviewing and selection skills.
  • Learning, Development and Career Planning: As part of our learning and development programs, we ensure that our employees have equitable opportunities to access learning and development opportunities specific to their personal and professional needs. We maintain targeted opportunities for women and other diverse groups where relevant. Our career and succession planning processes take diverse representation into account and aim to drive greater diversity at management levels.
  • Compensation and Benefits: In addition to our overall approach to fair and competitive compensation and benefits for all employees, we provide a range of benefits to support our people managing life and work considerations regardless of their family make up or sexual orientation. 

Flexibility and Physical Workplace: Ribbon offers a flexible workplace environment, allowing employees to work effectively from anywhere and at any time.  When employees are able to influence when and where they work diversity is encouraged, and a more varied set of people will be part of your workforce.  In addition, Ribbon complies with applicable law regarding flexible working arrangements.

Our workplaces are designed with the needs of a diverse workforce in mind.  We seek locations that are accessible, practical and that promote wellbeing, and we design our spaces to be accessible and enjoyable to work in. We make adaptations to physical environments to improve access, adding ramps, accessible bathrooms, elevators, disabled parking spaces and more. We offer assistive technology tools to our people and we listen to their needs. We are also considerate of cultural and/or religious requirements and ensure our workplaces are accommodating and welcoming.   

  • Employee Resource Groups (ERGs): The introduction of organizationally supported groups of employees that are drawn together by characteristics they hold common, such as but not limited to, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, lifestyle and generation. These groups provide a global network of multicultural, multi-generational employees that are committed to supporting the company’s values, business goals along with the needs of its membership. 

Supporting Global Sustainable Development

Our Approach to DEI directly supports two UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs):

SDG 5 which aspires to the achievement of gender equality and empowerment of women.

  • Target 5.1: End all forms of discrimination against women and girls everywhere
  • Target 5.B: Promote empowerment of women through technology


SDG 8 which calls for the promotion of sustained, inclusive and sustainable economic growth, full and productive employment and decent work for all.

  • Target 8.5: Full employment with decent work with equal pay
  • Target 8.7: Protect labor rights and promote safe working environments


Ribbon’s Senior Vice President (SVP) of Human Resources is accountable for our DEI policies and programs. The SVP is a member of Ribbon’s Executive Management Team, and reports to the Chief Executive Officer. Additionally, DEI is supported by an Executive Sponsor, our Executive Vice President and Chief Legal Officer. Ribbon’s Board of Directors is engaged in reviewing and approving Ribbon’s DEI strategy and performance annually.


We report transparently to our stakeholders on our DEI strategy, progress and performance in our annual Sustainability Report. Additionally, our Annual Report on Form 10-K includes highlights of our human capital management strategy and performance each year. See also our Approach to Employment.

Version 1:  April 2022