Protect Platform for Analytics

Ribbon's Protect platform leverages big data analytics to empower enterprises to more rapidly, more intelligently, and more efficiently respond to unified communications (UC) cyberattacks, fraud attempts and network quality incidents. Ribbon Protect quickly and easily integrates with existing UC network investments without requiring network probes.

High-speed data ingestion, data enrichment, and a highly scalable and reliable data storage are the foundation for the Protect platform. Leveraging well-established concepts of network behavioral analytics from the data world, it is possible to establish a well-defined baseline of what is categorized as “normal” UC traffic as well as IP port activity. Deviations from this baseline are quickly identified and used to mitigate a variety of UC attacks by disseminating security policies across the network topology.


The sharing of threat intelligence data (including white/blacklists) across network elements is the key to closing the security aperture of your real-time communications network. Ribbon NetProtect distributes threat intelligence policies across network devices, so you can close the gap exposed by rogue communications. Distributed security policies between your SBCs and next-gen firewalls allows you to stop bad actors at the edge of the network. It also enables your organization to have a more effective and holistic security methodology across the converged (data and communication) network.


Features and Benefits

  • Rapidly pinpoints UC security threats and closes the security aperture in your UC network
  • Data ingested from Ribbon SBCs and PSX platforms as well as other 3rd party UC network devices
  • Disseminate security policies across network “enforcers” such as SBCs and firewalls
  • Provides a single repository for an end-to-end view of your network operations
  • Virtualized, micro-services architecture for rapid deployment
  • No separate hardware or software probes required
  • Supports applications for UC security, fraud management and network-wide intelligence

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