The PSX Software Edition (PSX SWe) is a virtual version of the PSX. It provides the same features and centralized policy and traffic control as a hardware-based PSX. The PSX SWe fits seamlessly into any enterprise’s virtualization strategy. Designed to be agile, the PSX SWe delivers lower cost, and increased margins, for routing and policy management of Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) and video calls.

Features & Benefits

  • Fully-featured policy engine can be deployed on commercial-off-the-shelf platforms for reduced cost
  • Intelligently manage communication sessions routing paths, priority and admission control based on policies, including media type, source/destination and time of day/week
  • Integrate multi-vendor environments to create centralized dial plans, including individual numbering and multi-country plans
  • Single point provisioning and distributed call processing simplifies operation and reduces potential provisioning errors

DataStream Integrator (DSI)

DataStream Integrator (DSI) provides the collection and management of call detail records, from Ribbon SBCs, GSX9000, as well as third-party gateways, so you have the information you need for to manage and optimize your trunking services.

DSI delivers rich insight for routing, billing, service quality analysis, and performance/capacity management. With the ability to customize the DSI feed to your specific BSS/OSS solutions, you get the ability to make better informed decisions and increase the efficiency of your network operations.

Features and Benefits of DataStream Integrator

  • DSI supports almost any data transformation requirement, as well as data stream management (correlation/merge/separation) as required by a customer
  • DSI supports multiple industry protocols for data exchange with BSS/OSS solutions
  • Data distribution can be customized, including simultaneous transmission of specific CDRs to multiple destinations
  • Intelligent data modeling and mediation (mapping rules) with XML facilitates the rapid deployment of a run-time ready DSI
  • DSI runs in multiple virtual environments fitting into a service providers virtualization/cloud deployment strategy