Ribbon Analytics “Operations” applications provide you with a comprehensive network view across multiple dimensions, including network element, cell, and device. This solution helps network planning and engineering teams to understand network trends and troubleshoot network issues.

Enabled from the big-data Ribbon Analytics platform, the “Operations” applications provide you with detailed views of RTC networks, cell usage and congestion levels, devices, APNs, DNS servers, as well as information about roaming subscribers, e.g., identifying which operator networks the subscriber traversed.

The Ribbon Analytics “Operations” Applications

Customer Care-Data Usage

Provides carriers with detailed subscriber data usage information to help address data usage bill shock and improve customer care.

Customer Experience Analytics

Inspects each flow data for each subscriber in the network to provide the most accurate analysis of speed, latency, packet error rate, and failures. These applications provide detailed information on every subscriber with context/session and sub-context updates.

Operation Analytics

Represents an evolution of Service Assurance and Service Quality Management (SQM) by providing synchronized, end-to-end analysis of the networks performance & the delivered mobile web and application service quality.

Data Abuse Anayltics

Provides carrier network planning, engineering and operations teams with analytics on subscribers who may be abusing the network or violating their terms of service by means of device tethering, peer-to-peer application usage or overall heavy data abuse.


Enables RTC network wide troubleshooting and alerting capabilities based on KPIs and other metrics that cross thresholds. Network operators can quickly identify Quality of Experience (QoE) issues surfaced by various dimensions, isolate and drilldown on RTC network problems and ensure quality for their customers. Furthermore, it provides the industry’s most comprehensive end-to-end SIP call ladder diagram to visualize and troubleshoot the flow of SIP packets between different RTC network elements.

Features & Benefits

  • Leveraging Machine Learning (ML) & Artificial Intelligence (AI) Framework
  • Improve quality of experience & reduce churn
  • Effective network operations with reduced resources
  • Support next wave of growth & complexity for 5G, IoT, Enterprise and cloud services
  • Network service assurance with deep domain understanding