Ribbon's C20 Call Session Controller is the world’s leading IP and IMS communications convergence platform for voice and multimedia. The Virtual C20 is built using an application Virtual Machine (VM) model that enables the Call Agent to run on Intel processors. This eliminates the traditional need for an embedded PCI card with a Motorola processor and offers customers a wide degree of latitude in selecting an industry-standard computing platform.

The C20 traces its heritage back to the DMS family, so it is ideally suited to replace legacy TDM platforms from Nortel, Lucent, Siemens, and more. Virtual C20 deployments have been field-proven to substantially reduce power consumption and footprint, by as much as 90%. The platform’s widespread deployment in service provider networks, large and small, assures an ecosystem of solutions for back-office integration and access line transformation. The platform provides call and session control, network connectivity, switching, signaling and protocol interworking, core and edge interworking, unified multimedia communications, and applications for wireless, wireline, cable, and enterprise markets.

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Ribbon's C20 is deployed in Tier 1, 2 & 3 networks globally to converge disparate networks and replace antiquated TDM networks that are end of sale and end of support. It's ideal for collapsing switching centers and integrates with Ribbon G5, G6, and G9 gateways. It is also tightly integrated with Ribbon's Application Server to enable hosted residential and business services. It is fully carrier-grade and network-hardened, having switched billions of calls and sessions for business and residential customers. The C20 is a key element in many of Ribbon’s Solutions including IMS, VoLTE, SIP Trunking, IPX, Peering, and Intra-Network Interconnect.

The C20 serves an important role in establishing trust context in relationship to STIR/SHAKEN and Ribbon Call TrustTM. In the originating network, the C20 provides origination attestation and tagging and in the terminating network it provides termination verification reporting. In addition, C20 CDRs can be ingested by Ribbon Analytics to assist in determining potential robocall or fraud call attempts.

C20 Call Controller Features

  • Proven in the world's largest networks, geo-survivable and standards-based
  • Virtualized - scaling from small to extremely large deployments
  • Core switching, control, interworking, and service logic element in IMS networks
  • Ideally suited for TDM transition for legacy DMS, 5E, and other switch types
  • Proven interoperability with leading core, edge access & interconnect, and applications platforms
  • Green Technology -- reduces power, floor space, and network costs
  • Managed by Ribbon C20 Manager and compatible with existing back-office OSS
  • Network-ready across wireless, wireline, cable, enterprise, IP, SIP, TDM
  • Support for STIR/SHAKEN origination attestation and tagging and termination verification reporting
  • Support for Ribbon Call Trust, by enabling the feed of CDRs to Ribbon Analytics for robocall and fraud detection

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