Session Border Controller 5400

The Ribbon SBC 5400 platform advances today’s and tomorrow’s real-time communications needs for service providers. With a seamless, software license ability to upgrade from 2GB to 10GB of multimedia traffic, the Ribbon SBC 5400 provides all the features you need in an SBC today—robust network security, sophisticated routing and policy management, overload controls, SIP normalization—plus the features you’ll need tomorrow, such as IPv4-IPv6 interworking, multi-modal communication, built-in media transcoding, with assured performance and scale under heavy traffic.

The SBC 5400 is part of Ribbon's extensive portfolio of Microsoft-certified session border controllers to offer the perfect solution for connecting SIP trunks to the Microsoft Phone System.

Part of Ribbon’s award-winning SBC portfolio, the SBC 5400 is specifically designed to address the unique real-time communications business challenges for security, interoperability, and reliability. It is ready made to address everything from voice, video, UC&C, WebRTC, and mobility in service provider deployments.

The SBC 5400 plays an important role as an enabler for our customer’s implementation of STIR/SHAKEN.  The SBC 5400 supports the following capabilities:

  • Relay STIR/SHAKEN information in SIP headers
  • Generation of an authentication or verification requests to the PSX and update of the information in the SIP message per the response from the PSX.
  • Flexible handling of error conditions if signature verification fails
  • Ability to receive updated STIR/SHAKEN information based on SIP Redirect query

In addition, SBC 5400 CDRs can be fed into Ribbon Analytics to assist in determining potential robocall or fraud call attempts.

Features & Benefits

The Ribbon SBC 5400 is a proven hardware solution that offers predictable and assured performance with scalability up to 75,000 anchored media sessions. The SBC 5400 offers a simple embedded GUI and a real-time dashboard that monitors KPIs. Customers have their choice of 2x1GB, 4x1GB or 2x10GB IP Interfaces based on a simple software license.

  • Limits CapEx with scalable performance and capacity - SBC scales from few thousand sessions to 75,000 simultaneous sessions with just software license upgrade.
  • True multimedia SBC support for audio, video and collaboration with advanced security, priority, identity and service quality capabilities – without compromising performance or scale
  • All product features may be enabled and operational at the same time, including encryption
  • Protection from attack and theft of service; delivers high performance even during DoS attacks
  • Enables IPv4 and IPv6 networks to work together seamlessly with no other upgrades required
  • Embedded policy and routing to provide enhanced network optimization
  • Microsoft Teams, Skype for Business, Microsoft Lync 2013 and Lync 2010 qualified
  • JITC and FIPS-140-2 certified
  • Support for STIR (Secure Telephone Identity Revisited) and SHAKEN (Signature-based Handling of Asserted information using toKENs) standards for caller authentication and verification
  • Support for Ribbon Call Trust, by enabling the feed of CDRs to Ribbon Analytics for robocall and fraud detection