Virtual and Cloud Native Core Session Border Controllers

As services such as Unified Communications, Conferencing, Collaboration, and Contact Centers, all continue their migration to cloud environments, it is vital that SBCs make that same transition so service providers can continue to deliver secure, reliable services.

Ribbon's virtualization and cloud-native strategy capitalizes on its heritage of enabling secure, reliable and scalable real-time communications.  With our cloud native SBC Software Edition (SBC SWe), service providers can be sure they will be able to deliver secure real-time communications in multiple virtual and cloud environments without compromising scale, performance, or feature functionality.

Download our SBC SWe Datasheet

View the SBC SWe datasheet for a detailed list of features and capabilities

SBC SWe Deployment Flexibility Provides Choices

Ribbon’s cloud-native SBC SWe has you covered, whether your preference is a virtual environment in a data center, in your own private cloud or on a public cloud.

The SBC SWe can be instantiated in multiple virtual or cloud environments including:

Domain Hypervisors Network Functions Virtualization
Private DC VMWare, KVM  
Private Cloud VMWare, KVM Yes (OpenStack)
Public Cloud VMWare, KVM Yes (AWS, Azure, GCP)

Our cloud native SBCs are available directly from Ribbon, through a channel partner, or from the AWS Marketplace

Bandwidth Deploys SBC SWe on AWS to Rapidly Address COVID-19 Demand

“We worked with the Ribbon team to rapidly deploy their SBC SWe on AWS and were able to easily accommodate the rapid spike in demand from our customers. Our customers are some of the most recognized brands in the world and they have come to expect world-class support from Bandwidth.”

Scott Mullen
Chief Technology Officer

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SBC SWe with GPU-based Transcoding for Network Interconnect

Vivo Deploys SBC SWe Nationwide, Including Using GPU-based Transcoding for Network Interconnect

“Deploying Ribbon’s SBCs in a virtual environment enables us to grow our offering, optimize our investment, and increase the operational efficiency of our VoIP services”

“Expanding our trusted relationship with Ribbon continues to help us serve our subscribers with secure, advanced services.”

Átila BrancoVivo
Planning Director

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Session Border Controller Software Edition (SBC SWe)

Ribbon's SBC SWe embodies Ribbon’s innovation, knowledge and expertise in a cloud-native solution.

Microservices design to optimize resource allocation, dynamic scaling, automated lifecycle management, are all attributes of the SBC SWe, delivering carrier-grade SBC capabilities such as robust network security, sophisticated routing and policy management, overload controls, SIP normalization, SIP Recording, SIP over WebSocket, IPv4-IPv6 interworking, and audio transcoding.

Use the SBC SWe to meet or exceed the demanding requirements you have for SIP trunking, Network-Network Interconnect, Unified Communications as a Service, Contact Center as a Service, or just to migrate from TDM to IP peering.

With the SBC SWe you can take advantage of NVIDIA’s Graphical Processing Units (GPUs) to perform audio codec transcoding achieving the highest scalability with the lowest cost/transcode in any cloud environment.

In addition, SBC SWe Call Detail Records and KPIs are key inputs for Ribbon Analytics to assist network operators with robocall and fraud detection and mitigation.

The SBC SWe has the following certifications:

  • Microsoft Teams, Zoom Phone, Ring Central, Cisco, and more
  • JITC and FIPS-140-2 for the US Federal Government

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Session Border Controller Virtual Software

SBC SWe Attributes


Certified for Microsoft Teams Direct Routing



Audio Transcoding



High Availability



Automated Deployment

Yes - Terraform


Signaling Only Session Capacity

1400 - 9000
(Dependent on VM type)


Session Capacity with Media Transcoding (G.711 – G.729)

2250(CPUs) – 7300(GPUs)
(Dependent on VM type)


Number of VCPUs


Ribbon Application Management Platform


Centralized management of virtual and cloud native core SBC is provided by Ribbon Application Management Platform offering a complete Fault, Configuration, Accounting, Performance, and Security solution. Delivering intuitive, reliable, scalable and automated management, a service provider can quickly configure systems, identify and remediate issues, deliver improved customer experience, and do so at reduced operational costs.

Ribbon Application Management Platform is available to manage core SBCs deployed across multiple private and public cloud environments The platform itself is designed using cloud native principles and can be deployed in multiple data center and public or private cloud environments in standalone or high availability configurations, including options for geographic redundancy.

Download our RAMP Datasheet