Kandy CPaaS for Service Providers

In today’s competitive business climate communications service providers are continuously looking for ways to stand out from the crowd with innovative services that can be deployed faster and more cost-effectively. Kandy helps CSPs reduce risk and accelerate time to revenue. Ribbon created Kandy UCaaS and CPaaS solutions so service providers can deliver differentiated business services without a multi-year deployment and integration process. Kandy provides the technology, the portal interfaces for management and the go-to-market tools to launch a new service.

Kandy is designed for service providers:

  • Built on Ribbon's carrier-grade elements and run by our own support teams
  • Kandy's portal is white-label ready with self-service tools that accelerate time to market and lower the cost to deploy
  • Kandy provides go-to-market tools to help CSPs make an impact in their market
  • A worldwide footprint makes it easy to deliver services outside of a CSP's traditional serving areas

A Platform for Embedded Communications

Kandy CPaaS' APIs and SDKs allow service providers to provide business customers with value-added services that can differentiate traditional connectivity services. Don't wait for new& competitors to offer innovative services that undercut the value of traditional dial tone. Kandy gives CSPs the tools to make it easy for their business customers to embed communications into websites, into applications, and into business processes. Once communications are embedded into workflows, customers can't just shop for another provider to save a few cents a minute. Kandy increases ARPU and protects existing revenue streams.

Ribbon's service provider heritage means that we understand what's required to integrate into a CSP's network. Kandy services can be consumed from Kandy's public cloud infrastructure or deployed in a hybrid model where key assets stay in the provider's network to minimize network load and meet privacy/regulatory requirements.

Learn more about Kandy solutions on our dedicated Kandy.io website