Service Providers

Telecom services are undergoing rapid change. Enabling technologies are changing, as are the competition and customer expectations. Service providers worldwide are on a mission to transform themselves to deal with this change.

Ribbon solutions help mobile and fixed operators including cable providers (MSOs), ISPs, and interconnect/ wholesale carriers quickly capitalize on growing market segments and introduce differentiating products, applications and services for their business and consumer customers. Ribbon solutions help service providers to simultaneously broaden and speed-up service offerings to increase topline revenues, while streamlining and automating operations to reduce costs.

IP and Optical Networks

Ribbon’s ELASTIC Services Platform leverages a suite of modular software applications over a programmable network infrastructure that let service providers handle change with confidence and achieve their business goals.


Core Network

Our optical networks solutions are open, interoperable, and efficient, enabling service providers to build fully disaggregated optical solutions that maximize bandwidth delivery. We can help turn your core network into a profit center by supporting advanced service interfaces.


DCI Service Providers

Our Data Center Interconnect solutions enable service providers to create networks that provide customers with super-fast response times. Ribbon offers guaranteed performance and smaller footprints, driving down costs.


Network Transformation

Our Network Transformation solutions eliminate legacy network technologies which slow down modern services, require a multitude of manual processes, and consume highly skilled labor.


Wholesale Carriers

Our solutions help wholesalers monetize their fiber infrastructure investments so they can optimize costs and lease connectivity with the determinism, ultra-low latency, ultra-high reliability, and highly accurate timing required by new, high-value, services.


5G and Mobile Backhaul

Our service-aware solutions better accommodate 5G back-haul and mid-haul needs, connecting the 5G New Radio (NR) with agile mobile core functionality. Our solutions deliver 5G connectivity dynamically, with the assured, deterministic behavior required to make 5G services a reality.


Metro Aggregation

Our metro network solutions scale to meet the diverse needs of metro deployments with cost optimized 100G and flexible network capacity. Enabled by platforms with resilient hardware and advanced operations software, our Elastic MPLS supports CE2.0 services.

Cloud and Edge Solutions

Ribbon’s market-leading network transformation, network functions virtualization, identity assurance, security and analytics solutions – which can be deployed in the network or in the cloud – address the growing demands of today’s consumers and businesses for secure, anywhere access, to real-time communications. Our flexible purchasing options enable much of our portfolio to be acquired as traditional software or “as a Service” offerings.


Analytics and Insights

Our solutions deliver actionable insights from operations, security and monetization applications that deliver use cases for services assurance, security, and subscriber growth.


Identity Assurance

Our Identity Assurance solutions deliver a suite of tools to assure that your customers know, in real-time, that an incoming call is from a legitimate source, for legitimate purpose, and has no malicious intent.


Secure Real-Time Communications

Our core and Intelligent Edge SBCs deliver superior interoperability, scale, and security solutions, even under attack. Service providers can deliver secure UCaaS and SIP Trunks, including Microsoft Teams Direct Routing, while leveraging the most efficient deployment model (HW, SW or cloud).


Mobile and Fixed Network Evolution

Our network transformation solutions reduce costs by eliminating legacy assets, enabling end-to-end IP services that simplifying operations. We enable solutions for VoLTE IMS, interconnect and roaming, Enhanced Voice Services (EVS)-based transcoding, intelligent session control, SS7 / Diameter signaling, and more.


Enabling Business Services & UC

Our business solutions enable providers to delivery high quality, secure, UCaaS and SIP Trunking services. Deployed as virtualized software or traditional hardware, Ribbon solutions are standards-based and cost effective, assuring they can enhance a heterogeneous network.


By Service Provider Type

Our solutions have been successfully deployed in fixed, mobile, cable, rural and wholesale providers. We have developed unique solutions and the domain expertise required to help providers differentiate their offers and improve their balance sheet.