With the introduction of 5G, Mobile Network Operators and Private Network Operators have the opportunity to introduce a vast array of mobile services, starting today with enhanced mobile broadband, services like online mobile gaming, e-health, AR/VR, IoT/IIoT applications will soon follow.

Ribbon seamlessly integrates IP and Optical transport technologies with powerful, intent-driven domain orchestration to provide a 5G xhaul solution tailored to meet each operator’s specific business requirements and the flexibility to evolve as the operator and their services evolve.


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Revenue Opportunities for Mobile Network Operators

With 5G, Mobile Network Operators have an opportunity to extend beyond mobile broadband and offer a complete range of telecom services to a new set of markets. 5G is key in unlocking these revenue opportunities

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Revenue Opportunities for Transport Wholesalers

5G represents a huge growth opportunity for telecoms operators and enterprises able to provide Mobile Network Operators with the advanced 5G xhaul solutions they need


Revenue Opportunities In Private Networks

5G private networks provide enterprises with the data they need to streamline operations. 5G xhaul is key in providing the flexibility they need to address their specific business challenges

5G xHaul

Flexible End to End xHaul

Ribbon’s 5G xhaul solution is a reboot of the traditional mobile backhaul network. Seamlessly integrating IP and Optical, it is architected to provide the service agility, flexile networking assured performance and network/service isolation MNOs need to profitably introduce new services.

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Why Ribbon for 5G xHaul?

5G Voice and Analytics

Ribbon Augments It’s 5g Xhaul Portfolio with Solutions for Voice and Analytics

Analytics and Insights

In today’s rapidly changing telecommunications landscape, delivering higher customer satisfaction, operating your network efficiently, ensuring network security and innovating new products & services, are more difficult than they used to be. From the Internet of Things (IoT), Over The Top (OTT) challenges, and mobile application growth through all the way to deployment of 5G network, there will be rich datasets on subscriber and network behavior, preferences, and needs.


4G/5G Mobile Voice

4G/5G Mobile Voice

Mobile service providers are constantly evolving their networks to enable High definition (HD) voice and video communication services such as VoLTE, ViLTE (video over LTE), VoWiFi (voice over WiFi) and RCS (Rich Communication Services). As the demand for IP multimedia communications services grows, the desire to have a high-quality and secure real-time multimedia communication experience increases.


Flexible End to End xhaul

Holistic IP Optical solution Providing the flexibility to deliver optimized xhaul solutions

Software Defined Networking & Orchestration


Provides multilayer IP Optical domain control of the xHaul network


Provides the advanced IP transport capabilities required to deliver 5G xHaul


Provides the powerful, intelligent, optical layer transport required for 5G xHaul


Smart Pluggables

Our Solutions Are Enhanced with a Range of Smart Pluggables Providing Extra Flexibility:

TDM Circuit emulation various pluggables E1/STM




GNSS GM synchronization


10Gb and 25 Gb smart self-tuning SFP

Tailorable RAN Edge

Fronthaul RAN Architecture Diagram


Intent Driven Domain Orchestration

xHaul Domain Control

Muse SDN Orchestration is Ribbon's automated, service-aware, multilayer IP Optical orchestration for xhaul.

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Global Data 5G Transport Competitive Landscape Assessment

5G networks require a new breed of transport technologies, providing high transport capacity, and adhering to stringent timing, latency and synchronization criteria. Compared to legacy technologies, 5G transport is also more diverse and flexible.

Disruptive 5G Era

Everything about the 5G era is disruptive – from technology to applications, from competition to ecosystems. In addition to entering the mobile services arena, Transport network operators are in a strong position to gain significant backhaul revenue from this disruptive market place; if they can provide.

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