Telecoms are undergoing rapid change, due to the ubiquity of IP and the increasing flexibility required of the transmission network. Evolving customer needs call for ever-increasing, always-on services. Metro networks must support an extremely diverse set of services and customer needs, and thus require increasing scalability, agility and resilience. Scale to meet demand with cost optimized 100G and flexible network capacity.

Why Ribbon?


On-Demand Scalability

With Optimized 100G


Elastic MPLS

Supporting CE2.0 services


Always-on Services

With advanced software


Enables Increased Margins

Via high-value services

Neptune Metro IP Transport

ACG Report - The Economic Benefits of a Super-Converged Multi-Access Edge Network

A Race to the Bottom?

Service providers need to evolve, and fast, or risk becoming part of the connectivity ‘race to the bottom’ in a rapidly changing and increasingly commoditised market. However, the metro network could provide salvation! Thanks to a perfect storm of market trends, service providers have one of two options:

  • Do nothing and risk commoditisation
  • Gear up and start adding value
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A Race to the Bottom?