Open Automated IP

Ribbon’s Automated Open IP provides fully programmable high-capacity, high-density IP routing solutions. With multiple form factors and fully programmable capabilities, the solutions are tailored to meet the specific service and business needs of each operator as they evolve.

Automated Open IP


Open IP Networks


Network Simplification


Intent Based Automation


Shared-Risk Partnership

Open IP

Ribbon’s Open IP provides cost optimized multiservice solutions for IP access and aggregation applications. An open architecture with a proven OS provides operators with the network flexibility, scale and innovation velocity they require to cost efficiently support today’s services and rapidly introduce new services.




Access Routers

Small form factor, high capacity, routers provide the programmability and flexibility needed for solutions to be tailored to meet the specific requirements of both mobile and fixed networks. These routers range from 64Gbps to 800Gbps. 

Access Routers


Aggregation Routers

High capacity routers with a high service density, providing the multiservice aggregation and service aware routing required to achieve network simplification when supporting xhaul, FTTx backhaul and enterprise solutions. These routers range from 1Tbps - 2Tbps. 

Aggregation Routers

Open, Automated & Agile IP Optical Networking

IP Wave is a complete IP Optical product line that leverages best-of-breed merchant technology and delivers the right feature sets, without over-engineering or overbuild.

Explore Ribbon’s IP MPLS Networking Solutions




Service Providers and Multiservice Operators

Multi-access edge, converged aggregation and intent based automation provides a platform supporting the profitable delivery of services


Critical Infrastructure Networks

Tailorable mission-critical class solutions that critical industries need for secure risk-free modernization of their communications networks


5G xHaul Solutions

End-to end xhaul solutions, tailorable to meet support your specific business needs, with flexible fronthaul options and a full slicing toolkit for backhaul


Enterprises and Private Networks

Flexible solutions optimized to provide the multiservice aggregation required by next-generation enterprises and private networks

Network Simplification

A consolidated multiservice platform provides the network simplification required to streamline operations, reduce cost, accelerate service velocity and improve network and service performance. With multiservice being the DNA of Ribbon’s IP portfolio we have proven credentials for supporting current, legacy and new services across both IP and seamlessly integrated IP Optical networks.

Ribbon achieves this network simplification with:

Multi-Access Edge:

  • Access Edge Routers for Enterprises
  • Access Routers providing a flexible RAN Edge
  • Mission Critical Access Routers for Critical Infrastructures
  • Smart Pluggables for Access technologies such as GPON and TDM

Converged Multiservice Aggregation:

  • Full IP/MPLS feature set
  • Advanced timing
  • Evolution to SRv6
  • TDM Migration

Service Aware Traffic Steering:

  • SDN Networking
  • Intelligent Path Computation
  • Network Slicing
  • Converged multilayer optimized IP Optical

Neptune Metro IP Transport

ACG Report - The Economic Benefits of a Super-Converged Multi-Access Edge Network

Intent Based Automation

With intent-based automation the return on investment in the IP infrastructure is maximised. A programmable IP infrastructure in conjunction with SDN and integrated plan, build, control and maintain ensure network utilization is maximized over the network lifecycle and intelligent path computation with multilayer optimization ensure network utilization is maximized without compromising SLAs. The Muse SDN Domain Orchestrator provides this automation.

MUSE SDN Brochure