High Availability Multiservice Aggregation

The NPT 1800 is an 8RU, high availability multiservice aggregation and metro transport platform. With 2 Tbps switching capacity and feature-rich IP capabilities and features, it is purpose-built for high-capacity aggregation and metro applications. Enhanced timing and flexE for network slicing make the NPT 1800 a perfect fit for high availability 5G xHaul applications.

NPT 1800 Datasheet

NPT 1800 Overview

The NPT 1800 streamlines end-to-end metro service delivery by providing carrier-grade service assurance, high availability, visibility, and control with unparalleled multiservice support. Neptune 1800 combines carrier-grade service assurance and control with IP transport efficiency and multiservice aggregation and transport. NPT 1800 provides converged support for IP/MPLS, MPLS-TP, Ethernet (MEF certified), Segment Routing, and TDM over CES/CEP. With feature-rich IP routing features and capabilities, FlexE for network slicing and enhanced timing, NPT 1800 is well-suited for 5G  xHaul.


Neptune 1250 Diagram

NPT 1800 Benefits and Features


Converged Multi-Service


Feature-Rich IP Routing


Highly Scalable


Dual-Stack IP/MPLS and MPLS-TP

NPT 1800 Product Specification Highlights

Download NPT 1800 Datasheet


Switch: 1Tbps/2Tbps
Services: MEF CE2.0 (E-Line, E-LAN, E-Tree, E-Access) PN and VPN based Ethernet and IP, MPLS (TP
and IP), and segment routing (BE, TE, TP)
Max. Interfaces (2 Tbps configuration): 300 x 100/1000 FX, 92 x 10GE OTN, 64 x 25GE, 32 x 50GE,
16/12 x 100GE/100G OTN


Services: CES (SAToP , CESoP and CEP)
Max. Interfaces: 736 x E1/T1, 92 x STM-1/OC-3, 23 x STM-4/OC-12

FlexE 1T FlexE capacity, 5G granularity per channel
10 x 100GE FlexE, 20 x 50GE FlexE
WDM CWDM, DWDM, Amplifiers
Timing & Syncronization SyncE with ESMC, 1588v2, 8275.1, 8273.2 class C, External timing 1PPS and TOD, Internal Stratum 3E
clock (holdover state), primary and secondary sources (supports SSM bits), ACR, DCR, loop timing on
SAToP, TDM bits (T3/T4), and SNTP
Protection & Restoration Hardware redundancy for common units, IO Hardware protection (IOP), RSTP/MSTP, G.8032 Ethernet
Ring Protection (ERP), MPLS-TP FRR, FRR with LFA (local and remote) 1:1 Linear protection, PW
Redundancy (PWR), Virtual Router Redundancy Protocol (VRRP), Multisegment-PW, IEEE 802.3ad
Ethernet Link Aggregation(LAG) with LACP, Multichassis LAG (MC-LAG), FlexE channel protection
OAM Ethernet OAM (IEEE 802.1ag and ITU-T Y.1731 PM), IP/MPLS OAM (link BFD, Ping, Trace-route), MPLS-TP OAM, G8113.1, G8113.2, RFC5860, Bidirectional Forwarding Detection (BFD), LDI, LSP ping, LSP/PW
LB and trace route, RFC 2544 Generator, Y.1564 -Ethernet service activation (SLA), RFC 5357 Two-Way
Active Measurement Protocol (TWAMP), FlexE channel OAM
Traffic Management Traffic classification (based on Port, VLAN, Port+VLAN, IEEE 802.1p, IPv4/IPv6 TOS and DSCP), Diffserv
based TM, Network wide Call Admission Control (CAC), 8 Classes of Service (CoS)
Topologies Mesh, Dual homing , multi-ring, ring, star, linear
Security RADIUS (client authentication), SSH 2, SW integrity checking (SHA-2), SFTP, Access Control List (ACL),
IEEE802.1x, control channel HMAC-256, public key authentication, port blocked as default, MACsec

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NPT Product Family

NPT IP Routers

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Product NPT 1300 NPT 1800 NPT 2300
Fit High Availability Multiservice Aggregation High Availability Multiservice Aggregation High Performance Multiservice Aggregation
Capacity 1 Tbps 2 Tbps 2.4 Tbps
Service Ethernet, Layer 2 VPN, Layer 3 VPN, CES, XGS-PON Ethernet, Layer 2 VPN, Layer 3 VPN, CES, XGS-PON Ethernet, Layer 2 VPN, EVPN, Layer 3 VPN, CES, XGS-PON
Rack Units 3RU 8RU 3RU
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