Muse Cyber Security Suite

Critical infrastructures (CI) like power utilities, oil and gas pipelines, and transportation are a prime target for cyber-attacks. National security administrations say that attacks like the Ukraine power grid strike and others since then should be a “wake-up call” for CI organizations. Proper protection is a particularly complex matter. It must defend operational technologies (OT), that nowadays are intertwined with information technology (IT) networks, and also must be able to discern tangible threats from a multitude of reported events. Ribbon’s Muse cyber security suite meets these challenges and more.

Why Ribbon?


Prevent Attacks

At facility points of access


Zeros in on threats

By combining multiple security VNFs


Industry-leading SCADA Security

Fully covers OT



With connectivity for low TCO

Muse Cyber Security Suite

Comprehensive Protection for Critical Infrastructure

Comprehensive Protection for Critical Infrastructure

Muse™ Modular Cyber Security Suite

The Muse Cyber Security Suite enables geographically-distributed critical infrastructures to easily deploy, manage, and update cyber protection solutions. It protects against multiple attack vectors on OT and SCADA networks, including man-in-the-middle, lateral, and zero-day attacks.

Economical run-time platforms deployable at any CI facility consolidate multiple cyber-security functions, preventing cyber-attacks before they can cause harm. The platforms and their functions are managed centrally and provide SOC personnel with early warnings of anomalies and impending attacks.