Policy & Routing

Ribbon's Centralized Policy and Routing (PSX) solution is the "gold standard" for centralized network policy and routing control.  PSX's scalable, high-availability architecture optimizes capital expenses by maximizing utilization of network resources, while its single point of provisioning greatly reduces the complexity and cost of operations. The PSX can be deployed in any fixed or mobile operators network, including as an IMS Border Gateway Control Function (BGCF).

Features & Benefits

  • Intelligently manage communications sessions (e.g. routing paths, priority, admission control), based on a multiple policies for least cost and QoS routing, including media type,source/destination and time of day/week
  • Standards-compliant, multi-protocol interoperability enabling the call routing engine to work seamlessly in heterogeneous voice networks including SIP, ENUM, H.323, TDM, SS7/C7, and IN/AIN
  • Highly redundant architecture and live upgrade capabilities deliver 99.999% availability, even during peak loads of millions of calls per hour
  • Single point provisioning and distributed call processing simplifies operations and reduces the likelihood of provisioning errors

Policy & Routing Portfolio

Centralized Policy and Routing (PSX)

Routing and policy management for an entire network, scalable to millions of subscribers


Virtual and cloud-based deployment for the “gold standard” in network policy and routing management



Ribbon Policy Solutions

Case Study

International Carrier Finds Shortcut to Savings with Ribbon Least Cost Routing Solution


Centralized Policy Server (PSX)


Centralized Policy Server Software (PSX SWe)

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