Despite the evolution of mobile markets and services, from older generations (2G and 3G) to 4G and 5G, the need for SS7 STPs will continue for decades.

Ribbon's Diameter Signaling Controller solutions, DSC 8000 and DSC SWe, can be configured to provide essential STP functionality for core, edge and interconnect deployments.

Advantages of STP on DSC 8000

  • Supports a vast array of network interfaces and links providing the flexibility to design and implement SS7 network architectures that meet physical and business network requirements
  • Time Division Multiplexing (TDM) SS7
  • Asynchronous Transfer Mode (ATM) SS7
  • High Speed “HSL” Annex “A” SS7
  • IP-based SIGTRAN
  • Scalable architecture supports cost-effective deployments in SS7 networks of any size, up to 4536 SS7 Links or 3000 SIGTRAN associations in a single system
  • Acts as a signaling network gateway to help manage and control all traffic, and protect the operator’s network from unauthorized access including DoS/malware attacks
  • Provides expanded functionality of SS7 Global Title Translation and Gateway Screening to help steer messages across specific paths, utilizing multiple origination and destination parameters during the routing decision process

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