Synchronous digital hierarchy (SDH) is a standardized protocol that transfers multiple digital bit streams synchronously over optical fiber using lasers or highly coherent light from light-emitting diodes (LEDs).

In this course, you will learn the benefits and features of SDH technology, SDH frame structure, DCC, signaling, SDH synchronization need, and implementation in SDH multiplexers and traffic flow options.

The course main objectives are:

  • SDH technology overview- benefits and features
  • SDH frame structure, overheads and their different uses – DCC, signaling etc
  • SDH synchronization- need and implementation in SDH multiplexers
  • SDH traffic flow options

Course Prerequisites

In order to be able to learn the topics in this course in an effective manner the participants are expected to have the following knowledge:

  • Basic knowledge in telecommunication

Course duration:

2 days

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